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Diet House

Diet House: Bland but Healthy Food in Mohandiseen

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Hannah Cooper
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Diet House: Bland but Healthy Food in Mohandiseen
Considering the amount of carbohydrates and oils that we find pumping
through our systems on a regular basis in Cairo, a change of pace is often
needed to ensure avoiding a heart attack. However, rarely does a restaurant
open up to offer exclusively diet cuisine.

Located on El Gehad Street, off of Sudan Street in Mohandiseen, Diet House is a
relatively new restaurant that offers low-calorie, healthy options for those
of you wishing to watch your pesky waistlines.

Diet House can’t be missed with its glowing pink and purple signage,
accompanied by an interior to match. While there are a few tables available for
dining in, it seems to be more popular with the delivery and takeaway crowds. Healthy
office lunch, anyone?

Offering up a little bit of everything, the menu includes salads (8.50LE
to 14.50LE), sandwiches (14.50LE to 22.50LE), main courses (30LE to 40LE) and
even a few dessert options (11.50LE to 12.50LE). When it comes to the execution
of diet food, though; this restaurant is sadly lacking. For 14.50LE, the chicken caesar salad comes with small pieces of chicken, iceberg lettuce, chopped
tomatoes and heavily drenched in watered-down mayo dressing.

When protein calls, both beef and turkey burgers (17.50LE to 22.50LE)
are available. Turkey burgers are a rarity in Cairo and when prepared well, they
can be quite delicious. Unfortunately, our order of the turkey burger was puny
and bland: placed on top of a brown bun with sliced tomato, lettuce and pepper,
the turkey patty lacked any hint of flavour.

We should have known better but the list of main platters seemed more
promising, including chicken dishes like the poulet grille (grilled chicken–30LE):
steamed vegetables and tasteless French fries accompanied two large chicken
breasts, which were covered in a light amount of barbeque sauce that didn’t help
in concealing the chicken’s dry texture.

Sadly, no redemption was in tow with the desserts, either. A sad crème
caramel (12LE) was poorly made, presented and nearly inedible.

Needless to say, Diet House disappointed us and had us craving cupcakes
like never before. If you’re looking for a quick, low-fat meal and don’t mind
sacrificing flavour; take a stab at this place.

360 Tip

Enter the restaurant without any expectations and it might taste good.

Best Bit

When the going gets rough, it’s an alternative diet option for delivery.

Worst Bit

Why does healthy food have to lack in flavour?

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