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Dolato: Making All Our Ice Cream Dreams Come True At Park Street

Dolato: Making All Our Ice Cream Dreams Come True At Park Street

Gelato, sorbetto, granita, or Italian Ice. Ice cream in Italy is the one thing that is intertwined with the country’s diversified food scene. Italian ice cream, AKA gelato, is basically a frozen dessert that uses more milk and less cream. Dolato is a local ice cream brand that has been wowing customers for quite some time now with its incredible selection of mini popsicles, unique flavours, and tasty creations. They also have branches all across Cairo in Heliopolis, Zayed, and New Cairo, so that we can all enjoy the authentic taste of Italian gelato in the comfort of our neighbourhood.

The one thing that separates Dolato from any other ice cream or gelato shop is their mini ice cream pops, Or Mini Sticks. These little tiny bites of heaven are very convenient when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t want the guilt that comes along with it. With more than 12 unique flavours, these pops are great for kids and adults alike.

As we entered their Park Street branch, we noticed the relaxing and comforting yet classical pastel green colour scheme used to identify the brand. We took a look around and had a chat with the staff until we decided to get 15 pieces (92 LE) of mini ice cream pops to try all their flavours. We tried the chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, vanilla, espresso, lemon, bubblegum, mastic pistachio, caramel, oreo, and cheesecake. All flavours were on-point; however, we preferred the lemon, bubblegum, and cheesecake if we had to choose which ones we liked best. The lemon was perfectly-balanced, and the cheesecake and bubblegum had subtle sweet, creamy undertones that were enjoyable.

We then decided to get a scoop of gelato each; we got one Glanduja (30 LE) and one Salted Caramel (30 LE). Typically, Gianduia or Gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread containing about 30% hazelnut paste; that’s why we were eager to try this particular flavour – and we were not disappointed. The nutty and chocolate flavours of the gelato were delightful; conversely, the salted caramel was not. The latter option was more leaning toward a mocha flavoured gelato than salted caramel. The staff at that point mentioned that they were offering sweet potatoes topped with ice cream, but we were pretty full, to say the least.

It’s notable to mention that Dolato now has a winter menu filled with coffee options, cakes, milkshakes, 25/50 Mini Sticks boxes, and bubble waffles. You can also find six scoop gelato boxes, iced cakes, or speciality flavours!

360 Tip

You can opt for a gluten-free ice cream cone if you are intolerant.

Best Bit

The mini dolato pops.

Worst Bit

The salted caramel flavour.

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