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Eatery: Impressive Oriental Breakfast Experience

When someone talks about traditional Egyptian breakfast, the last place that would cross your mind is Eatery. But not anymore; Eatery just added new oriental breakfast items to their menu, and we had to give it a try.

Can we just say that we love that they served complimentary a fresh baladi bread basket – which was outstanding by the way – with pickled tomato, eggplant, and onions. From shakshouka and foul to falafel and feteer, the choices were all tempting, but then we found this “Tableyet El Omda” (160 EGP) which has a bit of everything in one tray.

Tablyet El Omda consists of a perfectly seasoned foul with a flawless consistency – not too loose, not too chunky – flavourful falafel, that were a bit too crispy, and “bed medahrag” or boiled egg rolled in ghee (that’s definitely great for boiled egg fans). The order also came with not so salty cheese and tomato, fresh arugula, a jar of tahini, and a jar of molasses. We loved the variety of the tray, but the portion was not satisfying for ++160LE, and all this food was served with three pieces of baladi bread… for three people!

The highlight of the meal was definitely their Feteer (176 EGP)! Oh boy, if you think this is a light take on that classic goodness, well, you’re wrong. The dough was loaded with ghee – in a good way – to the extent that you can taste it in every single bite. Not to mention the flawless stretchy layers of the dough and the flaky top. The feteer was served with tahini, molasses, honey, and more cheese and tomato.

All in all, we really enjoyed our breakfast experience at Eatery. Despite the steep prices, we think it’s a perfect Friday breakfast with family and friends.


360 Tip

Eatery also added a plant-based burger to its main menu.

Best Bit

Feteer was out of this world!

Worst Bit

Steep prices for the portion.

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