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Nile Fish Restaurant

El Nil Restaurant: Fresh Fish in Downtown Cairo

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Hannah Cooper
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El Nil Restaurant: Fresh Fish in Downtown Cairo

Eating seafood in Cairo is always a bit
tricky. Our scepticism always has us wondering as to how fresh the seafood is
that we are about to sample. With that being said, sometimes you have to step
out on a limb and figure it out on your own.

Located in Downtown Cairo a
block down from Horreya
and across from El Ezaby pharmacy on Bab
El Louk Street, El Nil is a local fish restaurant
that’s always jammed for space. While we often pass by this little joint, it
wasn’t until recently that that we had the guts to give it a shot, and now we
know the reason behind its busyness.

The restaurant’s exterior
masks its food quality with the rather drab marble complex of tiles and tiny
dining area; a few small tables and chairs are available if you’re up for
dining in; although the venue tends to be cramped and quite noisy.

You’ll find the menu posted
on the wall; but there aren’t any surprises as they serve up the traditional
fried and grilled options.

For 36LE, a kilo of your
preference can be selected along with a small tomato salad and a tub of tehina.
Fried red snapper, large shrimp and white fillet can be found near the front
counter, while the selection of raw fish is located in the back.
Correspondingly, an open grill is situated directly in the middle of the
restaurant; so you can monitor how it’s being cooked if you choose to go that

Fish sandwiches are also
available for 5LE to 10LE with splash of tehina on fresh baladi bread. The
shrimps are large and breaded minimally, giving them the perfect crunch. When
it comes to the fish fillet, they aren’t joking around: light on the grease,
the breaded layer pairs well with the tender fish.

While the ingredients are
simple and lacking any robust flavour, the fish tastes fresh and with a bit of
lemon juice, you’ve got yourself got a good meal.

Considering tasty, fresh and
cheap fish is often quite difficult to come by in Cairo, El Nil is a trustworthy option in
Downtown Cairo to satisfy your seafood craving.

360 Tip

If having takeaway, grab some lemons from the lady who is always selling them right outside the door. You’ll thank her greatly.

Best Bit

Quick customer service and tasty fish make for an easy lunch.

Worst Bit

Eating on-site can get quite crowded. While fresh and tasty, the food is pretty standard.

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