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Etoile: Great Experience at Dokki Branch

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Etoile has been all over Cairo with promotions for their Halawet El Moulid offerings, so we thought we’d see what they had to offer. Today we’ve decided to try it out as a restaurant and café to see how it fares.

Their Dokki branch is relatively new, so we’ve decided to conduct our experiment there. They have a number of seating options, and they’re all quite comfortable. However, we didn’t like some parts of their service: some areas of the floor were a bit sticky, and when we sat down, the waiter took a bit too long to come and clean up the table. However, we understand that they were a bit pressured by the many customers present at the time of our visit.

Our first pick was their Vegetarian Pizza (28 EGP), and it wasn’t the great start we were hoping for. The dough tasted too much like Fino bread, and while the ingredients were flavourful, they still couldn’t uplift the overall taste. Next up was the Hot Dog Crêpe (28 EGP), and this one was a blast. For 28 EGP, we got a well-presented, generously-filled, tasty crêpe stuffed with hot dogs, bell peppers, and a lot of cheese. We also loved their fresh juices because they’re actually fresh, we especially enjoyed the Orange Juice (17 EGP). Excited by their juices, we opted for the Cappuccino (22 EGP), which disappointed us as coffee lovers, but might not bother indifferent coffee drinkers. But the real treat was their dessert menu. All their gateau options are exquisite (13 EGP per piece), and the Nutella Pie (25 EGP) was out of this world; very hearty and very tasty.

Perhaps one of their strongest points is hosting birthday parties. We saw two parties on our visit there. Their location is excellent because they’re close to a lot of areas, you can get the birthday cake right from the first floor, and service is 25 EGP per person, and 40 EGP on weekends (Thursday to Saturday). This includes the service of the cake, and drinks for each guest. Plus, they know how to make an entrance with the cake; they shut off the lights, and play two songs that you personally select.  

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Etoile. The lighting and seating are quite comfortable, the service was fine, and their prices are very reasonable. This place works well for a nice dining experience, a quick lunch, drinks, or a birthday party. The prices on the menu include service and additional fees which is a nice touch too. Definitely worth a try.



Translated by: Sherif Khairy

360 Tip

Etoile is a perfect spot for hosting birthday parties.

Best Bit

The savoury Hot Dog Crêpe, their desserts, and their fresh juices.    

Worst Bit

Service and Cappuccino.

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