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Evento Cafe & Restaurant

Evento Cafe & Restaurant: Trusty Eatery in Heliopolis

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Nermin Habib
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Evento Cafe & Restaurant: Trusty Eatery in Heliopolis

Located away from the busy shopping circuit in glitzy, metropolitan hub, Sun City Mall, Evento Café & Restaurant is marked by a massive metal statue of Predator, complete with gleaming red eyes. The café is modernly decorated with black and white floors, purple furniture and mosaics of pop culture characters such as Austin Powers on the walls. The café also extends into a beautiful terrace that stretches out on the back of the mall where they serve shisha and host their infamous karaoke nights.

Finding a table out on the balcony was easy and we were immediately tended to by one of the many waiters scattered throughout the café. The menu mostly advertises main courses, but includes a small section in the back dedicated to drinks and a meager dessert selection. The tables are equipped with nifty electronic disks that allow you to call for a waiter, ask for the check, or cancel the call for a waiter.

After struggling to get one of the five waiters’ attention, we were finally able to place our order. To start, we decided on the chicken Alfredo with fettuccini (39.95LE) and a cinnamon frappe (31.95LE).

The frappe came almost instantly and was an invigorating glacial blend of coffee and cinnamon sugar, mixed perfectly as to not create a gritty texture.

The chicken Alfredo arrived shortly after in a well-portioned dish. Strips of grilled chicken were laid atop the thick fettuccini and Alfredo combinatio, with a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan sprinkled over. The pasta was perfectly cooked in the al dente style and offset the creamy texture of white sauce. Although we were disappointed that the dish didn’t contain any mushrooms or other sorts of garnishes, the pasta was an incredibly savory and appetising choice.

For dessert, we selected the apple and cinnamon crepe (28.95LE) and a cappuccino (16.95LE). The crepe arrived as two tightly rolled pancakes drizzled with viscous caramel sauce and stuffed with a finely cut mixture of apples drenched in a cinnamon glaze. Impressively, the crepe itself was not soggy and contained just enough vanilla to equalize the eggs used in the batter. The cappuccino, while by no means exceptional, was a frothy blend with a mild texture.

Evento utilises both interesting décor and meticulously prepared dishes to create an experience that meshes fine dining and an entertaining evening out with friends.

360 Tip

On Thursdays, Evento has a minimum charge of 75LE.

Best Bit

The open air terrace and the chicken alfredo pasta.

Worst Bit

Even with the electronic calling device, the waiters were hard to get a hold of.

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