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Fat Cow

Fat Cow: Consistently Delicious

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Fat Cow: Consistently Delicious

Over the course of our years in Cairo, we’ve been disappointed to see many restaurants rise to fame and popularity, only to see them then lose their quality and fall into mediocracy; something we’re glad to say has not happened to Fat Cow.

This burger joint offers beef burgers, chicken burgers, and a host of appetisers to complement the main attraction. As always, we were spoilt for choice but decided to go for the Swiss Beef Burger (85 EGP), and the Parmesan Chicken Burger (85 EGP). While all sandwiches come with fries, we still feel that they are too few, which is why we opted for the Loaded Fries (35 EGP).

Our food came in the usual high speed of Fat Cow, yet without any compromise in taste or quality. The meals come in branded cartons, which open up and become some sort of large plate. They can be closed and disposed of when you’re done with the meal.

Now let’s get to real deal here: the meat. Fat Cow have a way with their chicken, and we were glad to find that the Parmesan Chicken was well-cooked and managed to retain its juiciness. The parmesan cheese, of course, melted beautifully atop the chicken patty, making it a tasteful and filling experience.

The Loaded Fries were excellently spiced and all the ingredients worked well together. It’s easily one of the best French fries dishes you can get in Cairo. The sauce, cheese, and minced meat worked wonders together, and the dish was not too spicy as well. We’re also fond of the large portion and its relatively good price.

Our favourite sandwich, however, was The Swiss, a simple but large and tasty burger. The patty is marinated to perfection, not to mention the original quality of the meat itself. Mushrooms, cheese, and mayonnaise make it a juicy burger that melts in your mouth with ease.

Fat Cow remains one of our favourite places in Cairo, and we hope that it continues to live up to the name and reputation that it has garnered for itself!

360 Tip

If fries are important to you, order an extra side or starter.

Best Bit

The Swiss Burger. 

Worst Bit

Small fries portions with the burgers.

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