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Fish Chips and Dips: Emblematic English Concept Comes to Sheikh Zayed

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Fish Chips and Dips: Emblematic English Concept Comes to Sheikh Zayed

The Walk of Cairo Mall is set to become Cairo’s Culinary Capital, offering both outdoor and indoor signature dining. Strategically located in Sheikh Zayed, replacing Designopolis strip mall, the WOC is positioned to be a dynamic outdoor lifestyle destination.

Reaching WOC is much easier if it is entered through the Beverly Hills Compound. Once you have parked, a short stroll will follow until you have reached the dining area where many container restaurants reside around a capacious park. Fish Chips and Dips is a unique concept that welcomed customers in late November of last year, offering the signature English Fish N Chips experience. The dining experience is set to be very casual; you order then take a seat at the nearest bench or step seating.

Browsing the whole menu was exciting. However, many things were not available, including the entire dessert menu and the seafood quesadillas. That’s why we decided to try out one appetiser and one dish from their Chips section; we ordered the Shrimp Nachos (80 LE) and the Cheesy Shrimp Fries (50 LE) – both of which came out very similar. Although very tasty and the shrimp really worked with the mix, the nachos didn’t come with tartar sauce, corn, or kidney beans as stated in the menu, but instead with BBQ sauce, bell peppers and black olives which seemed like an odd mix. Yet, the cheesy fries had the right ratio of cheese and shrimps – it was a flavoursome, good-sized appetiser.

The menu had different options, including beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, and even salads, but we decided to focus on their main seafood options. The Signature Fish N chips meal (88 LE) was our first pick – 200gm of battered fried fish with fat fries, chips, and tartar sauce. This dish certainly did not disappoint; the batter was crunchy, the fish was cooked to perfection, the thickly-cut fries were tasty, and the portion was sizable. Conversely, the tartar sauce was a miss. The flavour was lacking; no dill, lemon juice, nor any traditional flavours of a good old tartar sauce.

Our second choice was the Shrimp Burger (85 LE) – a 180gm minced shrimp patty with lettuce, cheese, tomato, their in-house sauce, and pickles. The main problem with this burger was the patty. Parts were too thick, and others were too thin, which caused inconsistency in the cooking. The patty itself was flavourful, but the mincing of the shrimps was also uneven. Other than that, everything else was spot on; bun and toppings were fresh, and their sauce added a tasty touch.

Undoubtedly, the experience was more than pleasant; the food was delicious, while the ingredients tasted fresh and of good quality. It is definitely a good, well-priced place to enjoy the famous English Fish N Chips dish in the great outdoors of outer Cairo.  

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360 Tip

If the weather is hot, going during the daytime can be uncomfortable as there is no indoor seating area. (WOC is vibrant during nighttime)

Best Bit

The signature Fish N Chips meal

Worst Bit

The entire dessert menu was unavailable

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