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For the Love of Carbs: The 10 Best Pasta Dishes in Town
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Featured image via Epicurious



    Italy has given the world a lot of very important and beautiful things. But if it hadn’t, we believe that pasta would have been enough. While a lot of restaurants only give pasta a side dish role, where meat or chicken are the stars, others have given pasta prime roles, and allowed it to show the world all of its glory. Today, we’re highlighting these restaurants, and their star pasta dishes, as well as a somewhat similar plate, the risotto.

    Steak & Mushroom Pasta by Crave

    Crave has been consistently making their way to most of our lists thanks to their variety of food, and ability to maintain their high quality over time. While a lot of their plates are wonderful, the Steak & Mushroom Pasta (100 EGP) offers something quite unique. A certain higher taste is reached with the combination of expertly cooked steak & mushroom pieces, with the subtle but complementing sauce on top of the pasta.

    Tortellini Sophia Loren by Spaghi Spaghetteria

    Spaghi Spaghetteria has taken its spot in Sheikh Zayed as one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. Most of their pasta dishes are worth a try, but perhaps our favourite is the Tortellini Sophia Loren (100 EGP). While the presentation may not be the most appetising, once you dive in, you’ll be hooked.

    Seafood Black Spaghetti by The Republic

    Decorated in unique style, this restaurant offers a different dining experience with its overall ambience. The Seafood Black Spaghetti (145 EGP) dish is quite a unique offering in Cairo restaurants. It’s served with shrimp, mussels, and squid. While the presentation is not the best part here, the seafood portion is generous, and the pasta is perfectly cooked.

    Spinach Ravioli with Vegan White Sauce by Sea Salt Bakery

    There aren’t many vegan options in Cairo, but Sea Salt Bakery is perhaps one of the best. Their Spinach Ravioli (84 EGP) can be served with a vegan white sauce, and you wouldn’t believe its vegan. Somehow, they make it so creamy without any dairy products, plus the ravioli was perfectly cooked. The spinach filling makes this dish work wonders, despite the difference in taste between regular pasta and the gluten-free pasta they put on that dish.

    Macaroni Melt Cheese Crispy Chicken by Desoky & Soda

    Desoky & Soda are one of the masters of Egyptian street food in town. The best way to eat there is to order a bunch of plates and share amongst each other. When opting for pasta, go for the Macaroni Melt Cheese Crispy Chicken (69 EGP). If you want something different, the Desoky Macaroni Kabab Halla (72 EGP) or the Macaroni with Sausage (58 EGP) will do the trick.

    Pink Cream and Vegetable Tagliatelle by The White Owl

    While a vegan pasta dish may not be the top choice for non-vegans, the Pink Cream and Vegetable Tagliatelle (78 EGP) was actually our favourite dish of the day when we tried out The White Owl. The coconut cream and tomato sauce gave it a rich, creamy, and sweet flavour, elevated even higher with the toppings. Perfect for all vegans out there, and even non-vegans. The honourable mention here goes to their Smoked Duck and Mushrooms Duxelle Fettuccine dish (72 – 109 EGP).

    Lasagna al Forno by Pane Vino

    Pane Vino offers stunning panoramic Nile views from its spot in Semiramis Cairo Hotel. Chef Giovanni, whom we’ve had the honour of interviewing, makes sure that each dish that is brought out is perfect. Of course, such an authentic Italian restaurant will offer – arguably – the best lasagna in town.

    Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare by Eish & Malh

    Eish & Malh is one of those places that just feels right. They’re a big restaurant with big flavours, but few dishes are more flavourful than their Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare (98 EGP). A perfectly creamy and buttery sauce engulfs the delicious flavours of the risotto and seafood items.

    Risotto Alla Primavera by La Trattoria

    La Trattoria is one of the most traditional Italian restaurants in town. You’ll feel you went back in time to classic restaurants of old once you enter this cosy spot. While their prices are on the high side, so is their quality, and their Risotto Alla Primavera (140 EGP) is one of the best risottos in town.

    Best Mac & Cheese Dishes in Town

    We couldn’t choose a top contender in the Mac & Cheese category, but we also couldn’t ignore it in a best pasta dishes list. If you’re looking for a classic dish, hit Chicken & Ribs. If you want something with an upscale flair, then Kazlak is your choice. Lebanese Diner took this dish higher with their Spicy Shrimp Mac and Cheese, while Backfire decided that pepperoni is better suited for the mission. You can also try out the unique crispy deep-fried Mac and Cheese Balls at Ted’s.