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Fuego Grill & Sushi

Fuego Grill & Sushi Bar: Trying its Sushi Offer in Sheikh Zayed’s Al Guezira ‎Plaza

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  • Inside El Guezira Plaza
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  • 11:00 - 01:00
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Nelly Ezz
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Fuego Grill & Sushi Bar: Trying its Sushi Offer in Sheikh Zayed’s Al Guezira ‎Plaza

Years ago, Fuego opened its doors and soon become of the best-known sushi places in Cairo. Consistently offering quality seafood items in Egypt can be challenging at times. However, Fuego stood the test of time and is still attracting more and more people every day. Recently, new items were added to their sushi menu, and we couldn’t wait to go try them out.

We went to visit the branch in Al Guezira Plaza, which has a beautiful outdoor area. Unfortunately, it was freezing outside, so we opted for a table inside. We got our menus and decided to get an appetiser first; we got the Salmon Tartar Salad (125LE) – chopped salmon, avocado, and cucumber, with ginger soy dressing. This dish was perfect; all its elements were fresh, and the dressing was flawlessly savoury, with a slightly spicy kick that was on-point.

We then decided to get the Fuego 40 offer, it doesn’t include sashimi and other items – but honestly, it has all the Maki, Special Rolls, and Nigiri options that anyone would want. We specifically requested that they decrease the amount of rice in the sushi; this really helps if you don’t want to get into a sushi coma after finishing. We started by ordering from the Bermuda section: 5 pieces of Geisha Bermuda (100LE) – stuffed with katsu salmon, crab mayo mix, and avocado, covered with crispy geisha flakes and a drizzle of honey sauce. We also got five pieces of the fried Golden Bermuda (104LE) – salmon, shrimp, and cream cheese, wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed, topped with spicy mayo sauce. Both of these rolls tasted great; crunchy, hot, and creamy. As we skimmed through the Nigiri section, we spotted the Katsu Shrimp Tempura (16LE) – fried shrimp, topped with fresh avocado, and spicy mayo. The shrimp tasted great; however, the avocado was unripe.


Afterwards, we turned to the Special Maki Rolls and got half portion of both rolls. We first got the Havana Roll (64LE) – stuffed with grilled eel and avocado, topped with kiwi and mango slices, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Then, we got the Geisha Roll (65LE) – stuffed with seared salmon, shrimp tempura, avocado, and sesame mayo mix then covered with tempura flakes, finished with a drop of siracha hot sauce. The flavour mix of the eel with the mango and kiwi was spot-on, and the tempura batter had a great bite – if we had one comment, it would be that the avocado was, again, unripe, so it didn’t taste very delicious. Other than that, everything tasted fresh and yummy.

Lastly, we got some rolls from the Maki section; all half portions as well. We got the Crispy Roll (50LE) – shrimp tempura, avocado, crispy rice, and teriyaki sauce. We also ordered the Dallas Roll (89LE) – stuffed with shrimp, fresh avocado, and cream cheese, covered with smoked salmon and fried. Additionally, we opted for the Green Dragon Roll (62LE) – shrimp tempura, grilled eel, avocado wrapped with boiled lettuce, served with sweet teriyaki soy sauce. Of course, we couldn’t skip the California Roll (33LE) – crab, avocado, and cucumber, wrapped with sushi rice, sprinkled with black and white sesame. Then we ended it with the Mica Crab Roll (56LE) – shrimp tempura, fresh mango, and avocado, wrapped with cream cheese and crab, topped with black caviar and wasabi mayo. All the Maki rolls were really good and tasty. What makes great sushi is the quality of the ingredients, which was the case during our visit. Everything was flavoursome, and with less sushi rice, we could really taste the other components.

Fuego offers a vast selection with good prices – no one can refute it. The 40 piece offer is also extremely tempting if you are in the mood for sushi, especially if you are low on cash –affordable, delicious sushi is a bargain in itself.


360 Tip

Fuego is open until 1.00 AM.

Best Bit

Value for money.

Worst Bit

The unripe avocado in the sushi.

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