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Ginger: Experiencing Art Through Food

ginger japanese cuisine
Ginger: Experiencing Art Through Food

Sometimes the best thing to treat the Tuesday blues that come from far too much routine is to experience something completely different. So to dip into an exciting new fusion of cuisines, we decided to try out Ginger over at Riverwalk, and the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant did not disappoint!

The first choice you have to make when going to Ginger is whether you want to sit inside or out. Both are gorgeous in their own right, but we highly recommend the indoor area for the full experience. The second you step inside, a whiff of deliciousness hits you, and before you can start comprehending it, you’re assaulted by visuals that will leave you reeling for several minutes. Calling Ginger’s interior ‘stylish’ would be a gross understatement. Its decor is an eclectic fusion of styles and cultures that foreshadow the culinary experience you’re about to go through. We know as well as most that it takes impeccable taste and a keen eye to mix and match all these visual elements together, so picking at every detail of the decor was fun and interesting on its own. There are elements in the interior that border on surrealist and promise to stimulate both your imagination and your dinner conversation.

Ginger’s menu, as elusive and interesting as everything else in the place, doesn’t necessarily demand prior knowledge of both cuisines it’s inspired by. Still, we found ourselves needing the waiters’ help, and they definitely came through on every occasion. For appetisers, the possibilities were endless. We ended up ordering the Shrimp Tacos (120 LE), a fresh and simplistic burst of flavour in every bite, and the pan-fried Gyoza (95 LE). This was served with their signature sweet Aji Amarillo sauce and took our senses on an enticing trip that we barely recovered from by the time our main courses were on the table. When it came to our mains, we ordered the Duck Magret (275 LE), which was served with a plum sauce that was a bit too sweet, and the Salmon Batayaki (235 LE), which was seasoned to the high heavens and back and served on a bed of squid ink noodles that will definitely stain your mouth black, making it the perfect choice if you’re on a date!

With our meal, we ordered a Yuzu Berry cocktail (55 LE) and the Ginger Lemonade (40 LE). The lemonade turned out to be the most genius flavour combo anyone has ever come up with for a drink, leaving us so refreshed it seemed like we would never know dehydration again. To end the night on a sweet note, our server recommended we share their Crinkle Biscoff Tots (85 LE), and we were eternally grateful for the suggestion.


We’re definitely gonna be thinking about Ginger’s flavours and mystique for weeks after this visit, but we can’t wait to go back there for a taste of their sushi menu!

360 Tip

To enjoy the experience as much as possible, don’t be too shy to ask your server about any menu item you’re unfamiliar with.

Best Bit

That elusive Gyoza

Worst Bit

The Duck Magret

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