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Grand Hyatt Galleria Food Court

Grand Hyatt’s Galleria Food Court: Delicious Salads in a Cairo Food Court

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Hannah Cooper
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Grand Hyatt’s Galleria Food Court: Delicious Salads in a Cairo Food Court

Located along Cairo’s Corniche in Garden City, the Grand Hyatt Cairo is known for its
well-attempted restaurant endeavours such as Okashi, but the hotel
also has its own mall, the Galleria Shopping and Leisure Centre. This mall is a
great shopping option when you’re not up for the hassle of driving to Citystars and prefer a
quick and seamless shopping experience.

Considering that shopping can leave you tired and hungry, the Galleria
Food Court is the perfect place to stop by for a little bite. Located on the second
floor of the mall, the food court has various outlets with glowing signs
including Bites and Fries Deli and Mama Mia Pasta, but don’t be confused by the
fact that you can order from all outlets via the same menu and the same staff. Obviously,
this is not your typical food court. 

Quiet and calming, we found the whole experience rather relaxing. With a
slew of drink options including smoothies and caffeinated beverages, we opted
for a simple macchiato (9.75LE) and American coffee (9.75LE). Served on a
charming, tiny metal platter accompanied by a rich walnut and chocolate chip
cookie, the macchiato’s foam was pristine, and the American coffee was robust
but not bitter.

Menu options include a range of café standards such as sandwiches (40LE
to 60LE), soups, salads and mezzas (12LE to 20LE). For 24LE, our fresh greens
and grilled halloumi salad left us happy and satiated for hours. Appropriately
portioned, the minimalist salad came with slices of well-grilled halloumi and
pine nuts atop a bed of leafy greens and spinach; topped with a refreshing
pomegranate dressing.

Another unique option was the gruyere cheese and leek quiche (28LE),
which was served with a fresh dinner salad on the side. A pleasant taste and
perfectly cooked crust were present but the lack of warmth and thick
consistency left us disappointed. With
impeccable speed, the waiters automatically tended to our needs though a brief zap in the microwave might have been behind the cold quiche. 

With all said and done, we were more than
content with the understated café ambience and atmosphere at Galleria Food
Court; and the salads were some of the most memorable and delicious ones that
we’ve sampled in Cairo. Furthermore, anyone who can make a proper cup of Joe
gets a thumbs-up from this reviewer.

360 Tip

Stop by for a quick jolt of caffeine on your next shopping visit.

Best Bit

Delicious salads are a rare find in Cairo.

Worst Bit

Delivery isn’t an option.

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