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Holmes Burgers

Holmes Burger: The Up & Coming Burger Chain Taking the Culinary Landscape by Storm

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  • 21 Cleopatra, Almazah, Heliopolis
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Holmes Burger: The Up & Coming Burger Chain Taking the Culinary Landscape by Storm
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Originating in Alexandria, Holmes Burger quickly became the go-to for the perfect smash burger experience. With branches in Sheikh Zayed El Korba and seven locations throughout Alexandria, Holmes Burger has solidified its position as the it-spot. Spearheaded by renowned chef Fouad El Kaffas, Holmes is at the forefront of the fast-food scene, revolutionising traditional favourites with innovative techniques and exceptional quality.

With a modern design, Holmes Burger seamlessly blends the nostalgic charm of a classic American diner with contemporary elements, creating a dining experience that feels both familiar and fresh. While the red and white colour scheme and seating arrangements are classic, Holmes added some modern flair to the ambience, like their flashy neon light signs. Balancing retro-cool and contemporary sophistication, this blend of old and new enhances the restaurant’s visual appeal and mirrors the innovative approach when elevating classic American treats.

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Holmes Burger’s original smash burger combines a smashed beef patty, American cheese, mayonnaise sauce, tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickles in fluffy brioche buns. With gourmet ingredients, Holmes elevates the traditional burger with a perfect cook on the beef patty. The blend of ingredients and the smooth beef patty, the original smash burger creates the ideal “party in my mouth” sensation. The original smash burger is EGP 123 for one patty and EGP 158 for two.

For the beef-hating club, Holmes Burger also offers a range of chicken sandwiches. The BenchMark Chicken Sandwich is a culinary experience in itself. Every bite is a symphony of flavours and textures, with a crispy, perfectly marinated chicken breast nestled between two soft buns. The star of the show is undoubtedly Holmes’s signature sauce, which adds a balanced kick and brings the entire sandwich together in perfect harmony. At EGP 114, the sandwich is a steal to take advantage of.

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Holmes Burger fries are a delight for those who love generously spiced French fries. They’re covered in their signature spices and are perfectly crunchy. You can also try their Chick N Chips with American cheese, ranch sauce, and fried chicken cubes added to the delectable fries for EGP 70.

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Holmes Burger has swiftly become a standout in Alexandria and Cairo’s fast food scene. With signature items, gourmet ingredients, and great prices, the restaurant’s commitment to quality and innovation positions itself as a notable player in the evolving culinary landscape. With a renowned chef behind the stove and a dedicated team that delivers high-quality service, Holmes Burger is a prominent Egyptian fast-food chain in the making.

360 Tip

If you don't like your fries overly seasoned, do mention this to the staff.

Best Bit

The generous portions

Worst Bit

Unisex bathrooms...

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