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Indish: New Asian Restaurant at Arkan Plaza

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  • Arkan Mall, Al Sheikh Zayed, 6 October City
  • Asian,Indian
  • 12:00 - 00:00
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Ramy Soliman
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Indish: New Asian Restaurant at Arkan Plaza

When you see the name “Indish” your first assumption would be that it’s an Indian restaurant, and this is partly true. But Indish also has an Americanised Chinese menu and a teppanyaki menu!

Located in Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed, Indish is divided into two areas; an outdoor space that has a modern look to it with an “Indish” touch, and an indoor area that has a teppanyaki station, where you can see the kitchen in action. We loved the recessed seats in the outdoor section the most, which made the experience a bit more cosy.

When it comes to the menu, it didn’t provide much description, apart from the name of the dishes. But when we asked the waiter, he gave us printed papers containing descriptions, and mentioned that they’re still in a soft opening period.

As much as the teppanyaki and Chinese menu were very tempting, we decided to stick to the Indian section only. We opted for Dal Makhani (35LE) as an appetiser, Chicken Butter Masala (145LE) and Bhuna Lamb Gosht (129LE) for the mains, with Kashmiri Pilau (32LE) and Garlic Naan (10LE) as sides.

Starting with the Dal Makhani, it was a perfectly cooked, loaded with flavours. It went really well with the buttery garlic naan that had a flawless chewy texture!

Moving to the Butter Masala Chicken, we loved how the chicken was very tender, the balance of the spices in the sauce was on point, and we absolutely loved the thick consistency of the sauce which coated the chicken well. However, the portion for a 145LE dish was a bit small.

On the other hand, the Bhuna Lamb Gosht was described as a coconut milk based dish, but the spices were way too overpowering, to the point it had an unpleasant heat that kind of ruined the course. Also, the cuts of lamb were mostly fat and contained little actual meat.

The side of Kashmiri Pilau was quite nice. We loved how the basmati rice was very fluffy and perfectly cooked. We felt that the portion of nuts was too little, and the rice was slightly sweet for our taste, though.

All in all, we had a good experience at Indish, especially considering that it is still within its soft opening phase. Hopefully, our next encounter with their Chinese and teppanyaki menu will be better.

360 Tip

We know it’s weird, but Indish serves SHISHA!

Best Bit

Naan bread and butter chicken were great.

Worst Bit

Bhuna Lamb Gosht had too many flaws.

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