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It’s Kebda: Good Enough

We’ve recently seen It’s Kebda launch their promotional advertisements all over social media, and seeing a new restaurant that serves kebda and sogo’, we could not pass up the opportunity to try them out and tell you how it went

At first, we opted to try their food from the comfort of our offices. So we ordered a bunch of kebda and sogo’ sandwiches, 5 EGP each, plus a delivery fee of 10 EGP. The food was actually presented quite well, which was a promising sign for what came after.

Well, it was okay, but certainly nothing special. The kebda sandwiches are exactly what you’d expect, perhaps a bit less, with no special ingredients or marinade to make it unique. Any guy with minimum cooking experience could probably whip up something similar.

As for the sogo’, it was much better. Once you took a bite, the taste exploded and melted in your mouth. The herbs and spices were on point, but perhaps a bit too heavy on the hot sauce, which could bother you if you’re not into spicy food. The freshness of the bread really brought the sandwich together.

We then decided to take our experience to the next level and went on to try a dine-in experience in their Dokki branch. Unfortunately, it was very disappointing. Their service is poor, and their main focus is cooking and packaging food for delivery, with only one of their staff handling in-house customers. Besides, to eat here, you need to order your food, wait for it to be finished, take it yourself, then go to the dining area, in other words, it’s a serve-yourself kind of deal, which was not mentioned to us by any of the staff. We had to figure that out by ourselves after waiting for quite a while in the dining area.

This was actually quite an eye-opener for us. The horrible service, rude staff, and slow performance made us doubt our decision to visit this restaurant. Delivery food gets served in nice packaging, while takeaway food is wrapped in ordinary white paper. When we asked why, they had no answer. Seeing the way in which the “chef” cooked the kebda and sogo’, we decided to take back our money and leave before our food was finished.

360 Tip

It’s Kebda also has branches in Downtown and Roxy.

Best Bit

Delivery service.

Worst Bit

Dining-in at the restaurant.

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