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Kadoura: Best Seafood Experience in Cairo?

Kadoura is one of the biggest names in Cairo when it comes to an authentic and satisfying seafood meal. The Gameat Al Dewal restaurant succeeded in becoming a brand name among seafood lovers, so we decided to pay it a visit and see for ourselves whether or not it’s worth the hype.

The three-storey restaurant welcomes you with its huge fish fridge, with fish species that may baffle novice seafood eaters. A lot of the fish are kept alive and swimming in a tank, and you choose your feast of the day for yourself. You can even watch the food get prepared. It’s better for you to be a bit aware of what kind of fish you want, or go with someone who’s an expert in the matter. There’s no menu for you to choose from, and opting to let the waiters pick for you, will mean that your bill will skyrocket.

After choosing your fish, you can now start pondering about what kind of salads and sides you want. They have tons of salads, including your regular tahini, baba ghanoug, and green salad, as well as some specials such as parsley salad and shrimp salad.

We opted to start with the Seafood Soup (50 EGP), generously filled with shrimp and squid, cementing Kadoura’s reputation in serving one of the best seafood soups in town. Their tahini salad was nothing special, while their green salad was fresh and tasty. As for their Sayadeya Rice (20 EGP), we enjoyed how very well spiced and cooked it was, offering the perfect side dish. With regards to fish, we ordered a Tilapia (55 EGP per kilo) which was over half a kilogram, and a large plate of grilled shrimp with spices (120 EGP), plus a fish fillet dish (55 EGP). Every single plate was excellently cooked and expertly spiced; it was truly unlike any other seafood experience we had.

The great thing about Kadoura is their fast and efficient service; their staff know how to handle customers professionally, and they even served us with complimentary tea after our meal. We felt like we just ate in Alexandria thanks to how fresh and tasty the seafood was. Their prices are actually quite reasonable too. We’ll surely be revisiting Kadoura soon for another seafood feast.


360 Tip

We highly recommend that you go with someone who is a seasoned seafood eater, otherwise selecting your main course will be a very daunting and overwhelming task.

Best Bit

All the food is brilliantly cooked, and we still can't forget the tasty seafood soup was.

Worst Bit

It is very difficult to park near the restaurant.

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