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Kiwi: Another Upscale Restaurant in Maadi

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Hannah Cooper
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Kiwi: Another Upscale Restaurant in Maadi

Located on
Road Nine in Maadi, Kiwi Restaurant and Café used to have branches in Nile Mall
and Nasr City as well. The Maadi branch is its most recently opened endeavour.

Aesthetically funky with wood-textured walls and designer seating,
Kiwi’s vibe definitely had us feeling it at first. It wasn’t until we took our
breath and noticed the captain obvious quoting on both the wall and the menus, with
words of wisdom regarding quality and customer service; a bit cheesy but
typical nonetheless.

With a wide range of menu options similar to those of Crave, this modern
eatery comes at a cost but does the quality compare evenly? From appetisers to
main courses, smoothies and desserts, a one-person meal will cost approximately
50LE and up. That being said, our food choices were unfortunately status quo.

Since Kiwi automatically gave us that soup and salad feeling, we
couldn’t say no to a bowl of our favourite tomato soup (16.99LE). Piping hot
and paired with mini-toast pieces piled with melted cheese and diced tomatoes, the
soup was finely puréed and blended with an overabundance of pepper and basil. For
other appetiser options, check out their chicken liver and balsamic (27.99LE).

Their salad menu is strenuous including a unique fried white fish salad
(36.99LE). For 27.99LE, a classic Caesar salad was tossed in Caesar dressing, and
topped with freshly baked croutons. Although the salad came with the tasteless
iceberg lettuce versus romaine, the leaves were refreshing and crispy.  

Other food options included sandwiches, wraps, pastas, pizzas and meat
courses ranging from 30LE to 70LE for a beef fillet.

For dessert, the baked dates (29.99LE) topped with ice cream sounded heavenly;
but for a quick lunch, we opted for a shot of espresso instead. For 10LE, a
single shot comes paired with a brownie bite and shot of water on the side.

While the staff don’t linger around, they do ensure that you have
everything that you need. You can’t go wrong with one of Kiwi’s fresh juice
options (12LE to 18LE), including watermelon and well, kiwi. The guava juice
was thick, ice cold, and came as we asked for without added sugar.

While Kiwi’s salad and soup options made us sad like most places around,
other options did sound promising. Maybe a coffee date it is?

360 Tip

Breakfast is another option at Kiwi.

Best Bit

The delicious fresh juice and quiet atmosphere.

Worst Bit

How many restaurants does it take to nail a salad?

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