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Kiwi: Good Food at Good Prices in Maadi

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Jessica Noble
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Kiwi: Good Food at Good Prices in Maadi
Despite it’s name, Kiwi Café and Restaurant on Road 9 in Maadi, does not actually sell kiwi fruits or birds. Nor is the food representative of New Zealand – although we’re pretty sure people from those parts would appreciate this place.

The outside of the restaurant is a vibrant orange and grey, glowing from the bright lights of the ‘Kiwi’ sign above the door. Through the double glass doors, the interior is funky, fresh and contemporary, fashioning some unusual wall art. The wall decorations create an organic and natural feel; one wall is made up of rough, wooden tiles whilst the others are wallpapered with a continuous grass like pattern – there’s even a gap in one place, filled with plastic grass and cute, little metal kiwi birds.

We were greeted by a very friendly, polite and professional waiter. In fact, throughout our entire experience, the service we received was impeccable, making it one of the best aspects of Kiwi; the manager should be proud.

The restaurant is split into two; the smoking and shisha area near the door, and the non-smoking area round the corner at the back, near the large, wooden bar. We sat in the smoking area and ordered a perfectly smooth peach shisha (17.98LE). Although there was a chill from the door, customers can request for an industrial sized heater to be shone on the table.

The menu is remarkably vast, made up of not-so-Spanish tapas, soups, salads, burgers, pizzas, pastas, meats and grills. The drinks menu is full of fruity cocktails, smoothies and fresh juices. We noticed that some of the dishes and drinks had a tiny orange kiwi next to them, indicating the chef’s specialities.

To mull over our food choices, we ordered one ‘Butterfly Kiss’ (22.99LE) – cantaloupe, lemon and fresh root ginger – and their speciality, a ‘Karma Cooler’ (20.99LE) – a blend of lemon, orange, pineapple and kiwi juice. Both were satisfyingly refreshing with just the right amount of ginger in the former and a strong, sweet taste of orange juice taking over the latter.  

To warm up, we chose one simple, slightly salty tomato soup (22.99LE) and salmon carpaccio (35.99LE), which was unfortunately a disappointment. The smoked salmon slices were dry, rather than fresh and juicy; its dryness was almost disguised with the copious amounts of oil it was swimming in.

All the food arrived in next to no time and we soon forgot all about the stale salmon platter. The red India salad (39.99LE) was delicious and filling; with tender tandoori chicken pieces adding a spicy kick, the honey mustard dressing also provided a certain twang.

The chicken buffalo (55.99LE) comes stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese, covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes. With an equally creamy, and generous, portion of spaghetti on the side, this dish was extremely rich and considerably heavy.

Their risotto from Alba (47.99LE) was a sticky combination of fresh cream, strong Parmesan cheese and juicy mushrooms. We’re not over-exaggerating when we say this dish was amazing! It was, without question, exceptional and by far our favourite of the three dishes.

For dessert, their crème brûlée (26.99) was soft and smooth, with a pleasing citrus aftertaste. The baked dates with cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream (32.99LE) were also incredible; swimming in a hot milky cinnamon soup, the dates were baked to perfection.

With charming staff and good, affordable food, not to mention the great shisha, what more could one want?

360 Tip

Order four tapas plates at Kiwi's Tapas Tuesday promotion and you'll get another for free.

Best Bit

So many best bits! Namely the service, the risotto and the dates.

Worst Bit

The salmon starter – fish shouldn't be served unless it's totally fresh.

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