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Laduree: Famous Parisian Patisserie Opens At Arkan Plaza Extension

Arkan Plaza La Duree Macrons
Laduree: Famous Parisian Patisserie Opens At Arkan Plaza Extension

The long wait is finally over, and Egyptians can now indulge in the authentic taste of French delicacies anytime they please. Laduree is a famous French manufacturer and retailer of high-end pastries and candy that was established back in 1862. Their venues usually offer a wide range of unique classic pastry options and seasonal macaron flavours to suit everyone’s taste. So, it’s no surprise that we were all thrilled to hear that Laduree opened in Egypt at Arkan Plaza extension and The Waterway at the same time.

As soon as they set shop at Arkan Plaza, we headed there to taste the world-famous macaroons. Unfortunately, the first time we went, the line was too long, and we had to reschedule our visit. Thankfully, the second time around, we found some space to have lunch and try some of their freshly baked goodies. Laduree serves breakfast until 1 PM daily and then continues with a lunch menu filled with sandwiches, entrees, salads, and soups. We took a seat inside because the outdoor area was filled with people enjoying the bright atmosphere and beautiful weather, but the inside was just as pretty. The décor was elegant yet joyful, colourful yet classy – the plants, mirrors, and neat design give off a fantastic vibe. We started with two hot beverages, one Laduree Coffee (45.50 LE) and one Rose Latte (66.57 LE), a cappuccino with a pinkish hue and rose petals. The coffee was good; however, it came in warm rather than hot, but if you are a fan of floral tones in beverages, then the Rose Latte would be the perfect fit.

Next stop, we ordered our lunch. We got one Chicken Gnocchi (170 LE) – grilled chicken breast, gnocchi pasta, mixed mushroom, green leaves, parmesan, chicken jus, and also one Club Champs-Elysees (139 LE) – brown bread, mozzarella, eggplant, sun-dried tomato, zucchini, and basil pesto. The Gnocchi dish was decent. However, the chicken was a bit overcooked, and the jus was screaming for some seasoning, but the vegetables, especially the mushrooms, were more than perfect. The Club was also okay, but we couldn’t say it was memorable, especially that the side fries also came cold.

The last stop was the pastries. We browsed the wonderfully-looking selection and decided to share one pastry option and five macaroons. We got one Raspberry Passion Tart (119 LE) and Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Lemon, Pistachio, and Marie Antoinette macarons – all for (45 LE) each. The tart was definitely out of this world; perfect creamy custard, fresh fruit, and a crunchy crust. As for the macarons, the pistachio and vanilla take the win – both were subtly flavoured yet satisfyingly sweet. The Marie Antoinette had a bitter tea flavour that isn’t for everyone for sure, and the citrusy ones were quite strong and tangy – but all in all, all macarons were airy with a great crunch.

Our experience was enjoyable; the ambience is quite different from anywhere else and very cheerful, especially in the daytime. We would say that the food wasn’t as exceptional as expected, but the pastries are one for the win. The prices are also quite reasonable for a Parisian franchise, so next time, we are trying out their breakfast menu and the rest of the flavours of the macarons we missed!


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You can order customised macaron towers 48 hours ahead.  

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The Tart

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Cold items served

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