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Little Ovio

Little Ovio: New Concept, Same Top Quality

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Ramy Soliman
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Little Ovio: New Concept, Same Top Quality

We’ve been huge fans of Ovio’s top notch quality since its first branch at Galleria 40 and it’s become a regular go-to for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even a fast dessert. It was only a matter of time before Zamalek came calling, but rather than just opening another branch, the concept of Little Ovio does things a little differently.

As a venue, Little Ovio is a very small shop compared to the other branches, and it’s more of a mini bakery that sells Ovio’s luscious desserts and pastries. There are two, new unique additions though; the ‘Make your Ovio Sandwich’ station, and the yogurt bar. Even though there’s a mini seating area on the top floor, Little Ovio is a take-out place as they don’t serve the food in plates or bowls.

Moving to food, we started by making our first Ovio sandwich using Ciabatta Bread (7LE) filled with Roasted Herb Chicken (20LE), Cheddar Cheese (12LE), Sweet Pepper Relish, tomato, and lettuce (total 38.5LE). Despite the bread having a tough exterior, it was soft from the inside and handled the fillings perfectly; the chicken had delicate herb flavours, the high-quality lettuce and tomatoes added freshness, while the pepper relish took the sandwich to a different level with a unique sweetness that worked with the sharp flavour of the cheddar cheese. Most importantly, the bread-to-filling ratio alone deserves a standing ovation. Yes, we just high fived ourselves for this amazing combo.

We also ordered Bagel (7LE) filled with Buffalo Bocconcini (28LE), black olive tapenade, rucola – similar to arugula – and tomatoes (total 31LE). The bagel itself it had a beautiful thick and golden crust, a slightly dense yet spongy interior and a perfectly chewy texture. As for the fillings, the mild and slightly sweet buffalo bocconcini with its creamy and elastic texture worked perfectly with the tomatoes and rucola leaves, while the garlicky and tangy tapenade tied everything together with to form a brilliant bagel.

In continuing our fine form of mixing and matching, the make-your-own yoghurt station is just as satisfying. We chose to begin with layer of apple-vanilla compote (10LE) topped with 150 grams of Ovio’s Greek Yogurt (9LE), Pineapple cubes (8LE) and Walnuts (8LE), and loved everything about Little Ovio’s yogurt bar (total 26LE). The yogurt had a spot-on thick consistency, the apple compote distributed its tart and sweet flavour well and the amount of pineapple cubes and walnuts were generous.

You’d think that we were done there, but one does not simply leave Ovio/Little Ovio without ordering a Salted Caramel Donut (14LE) to go. Sprinkled with sugar, the donut itself was light and fluffy, while the salted caramel cream filling tasted like toffee or dulce de leche and wasn’t overly sweet.

There was too little to complain about at our visit to Little Ovio. The concept is brilliant for Zamalek and the crowd-pleasing variety of food is executed brilliantly. There’s a fun-factor to dining there, but the best part is the service: the staff know the menu in-and-out, making it a much easier experience.

360 Tip

Little Ovio also serves coffees and other hot drinks for a complete breakfast.

Best Bit


Worst Bit

That there's not a branch next to our office.

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