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Longhorn Texas BBQ: Authentic Texan-Style Smokehouse Impresses in New Cairo

Longhorn Texas BBQ New Cairo restaurant reviews Texas
Longhorn Texas BBQ: Authentic Texan-Style Smokehouse Impresses in New Cairo

Longhorn has been like a dream come true for all the carnivores out there since it opened its doors a few months back in O1 Mall. This one-of-a-kind restaurant tapped into a part of the market that wasn’t really explored before in Egypt, specialising mainly in smoked meats and briskets.

The detail put into everything is astounding, from the rodeo-style interior to the striking menu options. The ordering process is slightly different from the usual; you start by choosing the meat from one station, weigh it, and then continue to another station to select your sides, salads, and everything else. The best part is, there is no waiting time; everything is pre-prepared, so you get everything you ordered on your tray, pay, and grab a seat.

There were a lot of exciting meat options, which were all weighed per ½ LB. We opted for the Brisket (229 LE), Pulled Lamb (225 LE), and 1 Hot Link of beef sausage (90 LE). We were told that the brisket was slow-cooked for 14-16 hours, which really showed because the meat was fork-tender and deliciously tasty with their uniquely-flavoured honey mustard and BBQ sauce. The pulled lamb was also very tender and perfectly seasoned; it will definitely impress lamb-lovers. Lastly, the sausage was beyond amazing; the beef was perfectly spiced, and the casing was impeccably crisp; a full 10/10 for this one.

The sides we got were full-on Southern-style dishes. We went for the Mac & Cheese (29 LE) and the Loaded Fries (110 LE). Both were flawless. The mac and cheese was just the right amount of cheesy, while the fries had a huge mountain of their signature flavourful, juicy chili on top.  There was a Taco section on the menu that we couldn’t ignore, so we ordered the “trendy” Birria Taco (105 LE) – Chopped smoked meat with cheese and birria sauce. Birria is a traditional Mexican dish made popular when the “Birria taco” became trendy on social media. The unique thing about this taco is that it usually comes with a side of stew that functions as a dip, but this wasn’t the case here. The smoked meat was succulent, however, the mayo slaw on top did not complement the flavour profile. We did not get the famous meat stew dipping sauce; perhaps it is not served the traditional way here.

This meat feast ended with a much-needed authentic Pecan Pie (92LE), which was a picture-perfect slice of pie. The sugar was balanced, pecans were crunchy, and the crust had the perfect bite. If we had one comment, it would be that the consistency of the whipped cream on top was a bit watery. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience; the store was spotless, the staff helpful, and the food was great, but prices are a bit high, so save this trip for the next time you want to splurge on some meaty goodness.

360 Tip

They sell their own signature packaged goods in-store, like beef jerky, homemade sauces, and pickles

Best Bit

The sides and the sausage

Worst Bit

The nearest bathroom is inside the mall

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