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Loris: Authentic Lebanese Eatery Makes Its Way to Sheikh Zayed City

Lebanese Restaurant Loris
  • Galleria40 Mall, 26th of July Corridor, Al Sheikh Zayed
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Nelly Ezz
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Loris: Authentic Lebanese Eatery Makes Its Way to Sheikh Zayed City

Lebanese food constitutes a variety of dishes made with a unique but diverse set of herbaceous ingredients. Lebanese cuisine is a gorgeous product of the country, its history, and its people. It is a cuisine that epitomises authenticity, simplicity, and freshness – from its wide selection of fresh flatbread and tasty desserts to fragrant grills and delicious mezze. Coming all the way from Gemayze, Beirut, Loris just opened a branch in Cairo’s Galleria40 to show Cairiens the real essence of Lebanon.

Located on the second floor of Galleria40, Loris boasts an incredible and spacious venue with cheerful indoor and outdoor décor. The restaurant sits on a corner where the air is breezy, and the sun shines. We decided to give this place a try during the afternoon, and we took a seat next to the charming outdoor fountain to enjoy the soothing atmosphere. We began our meal with two cold appetisers: one Beetroot Mouttabal (50 LE) – beetroot, tahini, fried onion, and olive oil, and one Mouhamara with Walnuts (67 LE) – olive oil, walnuts, cumin, bread crumbs, and pomegranate molasses. Both starters were beyond delicious; generously seasoned and highly palatable. We then ordered two cold beverages; the Lemon & Basil (45 LE) and the Jallab (50 LE) – a type of fruit syrup popular in the Middle East made from carob, dates, grape molasses, and rose water. The citrusy mocktail tasted herby and fresh, while the Jallab was just amazing with an abundant amount of pine nuts that was just perfect.

Soon after, our mains arrived; we had ordered the Lamb with Frikeh (165 LE) – a lamb shank with a side of spiced rice, and the Shish Taouk (125 LE) – two portions of grilled chicken skewers sided with homemade fries. Once again, we were impressed; the lamb was fork-tender and strikingly seasoned, while the chicken skewers were perfectly juicy and tasty. The two dishes were picture-perfect; even the garlic dip on the side was terrific, perfectly balanced, and creamy. 

As we were trying to choose a dessert to end this amazing evening, we found a plate of Halawet El Jibn with Icecream (82 LE) in front of us without asking. This gesture was lovely as it was delicious, the mastic ice cream tasted heavenly, and the Halawet El Jibn was satisfyingly chewy, sweet, and balanced. On the side, they also served us some mint tea that was the best way to end the night.

Loris is definitely a place where you’ll feel welcomed and comfortable, from the fantastic ambience to the spot-on hospitality. Even though the food was beyond amazing, the customer service takes the win for sure; Loris proves that restaurants are not meant for serving food only, but serving an overall memorable experience. 


360 Tip

Loris has a partition filled with unique products for people to purchase, like stuffed mini bell peppers, olives, pomegranate molasses, spices, and more.

Best Bit

The customer service and quality of the food

Worst Bit

Absolutely nothing

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