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Koshary Lux

Lux Koshary: Just another Koshary Joint in Downtown Cairo

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Hannah Cooper
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Lux Koshary: Just another Koshary Joint in Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo definitely isn’t hurting
for yet another dish of koshary. There are plenty of koshary restaurants around
the neighbourhood, interwoven between a traditional restaurants and electronics
shops. Located on Falaky Street near AUC’s Downtown Campus in Bab El Louk is
just another joint where you can enjoy a decent bowl of koshary.

Koshary Lux can be easily passed by and
ignored because of its humble sign. However, once you step inside, the staff’s
warm smiles will make you overlook the fact that waiting in line can be a
bummer sometimes. A long-time stop for many students and workers in the area, Koshary
Lux gets quite crowded at lunchtime.

A few table and chairs are located in
front of the shop but if you head upstairs, the space provides a view of Falaky
Street with a little more breathing room and some peace and quiet. Bottled
water and sodas are available, while tap water is brought to your table without

A standard bowl of koshary costs an even
5LE at Koshary Lux. Seeing as how this is just one of the many koshary places
in Bab El Louk; we thought they might offer something unique in comparison to
the other koshary restaurants.

Sadly, there isn’t anything necessarily
special about Koshary Lux’s recipe; this reviewer was a little disappointed by
the measly amount of fried onions and tomato sauce added to the bowl. What they
do serve alongside the hot pepper mixture is vinegar dressing heavily loaded
with garlic flakes, setting off the bland noodles with a kick. However, as we
found a bird feather in one of our bowls of koshary, we weren’t too impressed
with the general dining experience.

If you’re grabbing your bowl to go, the
foil container keeps your dish hot in the mean time. If you happen to be in the
neighbourhood or just grabbing a drink at Horreya and the munchies hit, head
across the street to Koshary Lux.

Rumour has it that if you can settle yourself
in as a regular, they’ll treat you with some extra toppings here and there,
which never hurts.

360 Tip

Check your bowl twice before chowing down.

Best Bit

Are there ever too many options for koshary?

Worst Bit

The little birdie feather found in a bowl of our koshary was disconcerting.

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