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Maharaja: A Carnival of Flavours at Sheikh Zayed Branch

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  • Tivoli Dome
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Angie El Batrawy
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Maharaja: A Carnival of Flavours at Sheikh Zayed Branch

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We loved our last visit to Maharaja so much that we decided to visit Maharaja Restaurant in Tivoli Dome in Sheikh Zayed. We decided to try a few different items and treat ourselves to some Indian flavours.

Right behind Hot & Juicy, you can find this Indian restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas. While the outdoor area may boast great weather on some days, the indoor space is home to colourful decorations and a vibrant atmosphere. They have two types of tables, a low-seating table, and another normal one.

The staff gave us the menu as soon we took our seats, and after we made the order, they served us with a platter of 4 different sauces: pickled mango, yoghurt with mint, tamarind sauce, and sliced jalapeno peppers. The colours of the dips next to each other got our mouths watering, and we were quite curious to learn how the pickled mango would taste.

With a hint of chilli, it will taste very pleasant to those who prefer a little spice in their dips, it’s a bit mild but can add a new layer of flavour to your meal. The yoghurt mint works as a delicious palette cleanser, while the tamarind had a firm texture with a nice mix of sweet and sour flavours. As for the jalapeno peppers, we refrained from any seconds as we found it to be too spicy.

Our order started with a Cream of Chicken Soup (25 EGP) which is your usual chicken soup with chicken bits but elevated with some Indian herbs and spices. That twist truly added a different flavour to the soup, and the chicken portion was quite generous; a perfectly balanced dish.

Next up, we got the Ran Maharaja (90 EGP), which is slow-cooked tandoori lamb, and we added a side of Biryani Rice with Vegetables (45 EGP). The lamb was perfectly cooked and tasted heavenly with the red sauce. Being slow-cooked, it wasn’t too chewy or too harsh, and the Biryani added a lot of flavour to this dish.

Our final dish for the day was a recommendation by the staff, Lasooni Tikka (60 EGP). This dish comes as a pot of charcoal grilled chicken breasts cooked in garlic and other herbs. With this plate, we took the Kashmiri Pullao (50 EGP), which is basmati rice with cashews, raisins, and saffron. The tender chicken pieces with coloured rice, crunchy cashew, and sweet raisins worked wonders. The chicken sauce wasn’t a lot, but it was just perfect.

After this satisfying meal, the staff served us with a complimentary dessert from the restaurant, perhaps because it was our first visit to this branch. The dessert is coconut ice cream served inside a coconut shell, and on the side, a plate with sautéed carrot slices with diced coconut powder and cashew slices. The coconut ice cream was epic, and the carrot mix was beyond amazing.

Our visit to Maharaja was wholly entertaining and satisfying. It is indeed one of the best Indian restaurants that we’ve visited in Cairo. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is excellent, and the staff are wonderful.



Translated by: Sherif Khairy

360 Tip

Prepare to drink lots of water after the meal thanks to the abundance of spices.

Best Bit

Every single dish!

Worst Bit

The low-seating table may not suit everyone; it’s better to stick with the standard tables.

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