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Marny’s: Breakfast Done Right

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With breakfast being the most important meal of the day and all, it is important for us here at Cairo 360 to tell you all about Cairo’s absolute best spots for breakfast. And what better place to have breakfast than Maadi? This is exactly why this week we have decided to review Marny’s. 

Located on 213, in close proximity to Diwan and Crave, you have to go up a small flight of steps to the front door of Marny’s. Once you walk inside, you immediately realise how charming this place is, not to mention the fact that it is ideal for breakfast. This is because the entirety of the front aspect is glass, allowing for its guests to receive the right amount of sunshine. 

We arrived there at 9:45 am, and were immediately helped to a seat of our choice by one of the waiters, and were given menus. We have to say Marny’s offers quite a selection of items for breakfast; eggs that you can select to be cooked according to your preference, pancakes, yoghurt, a selection of sandwiches, and much more. We found ourselves spoilt for choice. 

Ultimately, we decided to try out their eggs and asked for them to be cooked omelette style, with Cheddar cheese and mushrooms (56 EGP).  At which point, the waiter informed us that Cheddar wasn’t available, and he offered Gouda as an alternative; we decided to go for the Gouda. The waiter then asked if we would like our cheese to be cooked inside the omelette, or just placed as a topping. We went with the first option. For our second breakfast dish, we opted for the Tuna Sandwich (55 EGP). 

Immediately after we ordered breakfast, a breadbasket containing freshly baked bread (brown and white) arrived at our table, with a side of butter (this breadbasket is meant to be served as a side to the omelette). We have to say that the bread was exceptionally soft and delicious. After a 15-minute wait, the omelette and the sandwich arrived. The omelette was cooked to perfection, and the fresh mushrooms gave it that crunchy/earthy splash of favour. As for the Gouda, the right amount was used; you could still taste and smell the Gouda, but it did not overtake the dish’s entire taste.

As for the Tuna Sandwich, the whole grain bread was – again- incredibly fresh; we could literally have this bread on its own as a complete meal and we wouldn’t complain. The filling, i.e. the tuna salad, it was served as promised on the menu; a mixture of tuna, lettuce, sour cream, mayonnaise, bell peppers, and onions. We have to say, however, the taste of the sour cream wasn’t as apparent as we would have liked it to be, while the taste of the onions was much too strong and quite overwhelming. 

Given that none of the dishes are served with any sides, there was lots of room for dessert. We opted for the French Toast (43 EGP), with a side of Maple Syrup (13 EGP). We also decided to try out their Chocolate Fudge Cake (29 EGP); the waiter asked us if we wanted the cake to be heated up, and we said we would like that very much.

Approximately 10 minutes after placing the order for dessert, our sweet dishes arrived. The French toast offered 5 thin slices of toast, topped with powdered sugar, and a generous portion of green apple slices. We quickly poured the maple syrup, as we couldn’t wait to dig in; all in all, this dish was great, but we thought the slices of toast were just too thin to be made into French toast. As for the cake, it was served warm as promised, and it was everything a cake should be: soft, creamy, and not too sweet. 

To conclude, we really enjoyed our breakfast experience at Marny’s and we will definitely be back to try out their lunch/dinner menu. 

360 Tip

On weekdays, breakfast is served from 8am and up until 1pm, whilst on weekdays it is served from 8am and up until 3pm.

Best Bit

The Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Worst Bit

The abundance of onions in the Tuna Sandwich.

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