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  • 22, Abdel Moniem Riad Street - Dokki
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Meaet: A Laid-Back Dining Getaway in Dokki

Meeting friends over quality food is what Meaet is all about,  surrounding everyone with a glammed-up yet homely vibe, and a quiet atmosphere away from the city buzz. Having opened previously in the North Coast, we were curious to know how Meaet fares in the good old city of Cairo.

The moment we arrived at Meaet, it instantly felt like the perfect escape from the noisy streets of Dokki. The faint lights and chic-yet-relaxed setting created a warm, inviting ambience. The spacious venue comprises various seating options, from high tables, to a number of comfortable couches, in addition to a special area with extra privacy.

We chose the first snug couch we could find, then soon after, we were handed the menus. We started off with ordering two drinks: first, we picked the Blueberry Smoothie (42LE) -this one is a classic; a natural blueberry flavour is hard to find these days, yet this one came pretty close, boasting the right amount of sweetness and an enjoyable flavour. Then we got the Peach Blues (42LE), a mix of mango, peach, blue-Curaçao syrup, banana, and passion fruit. This cocktail was amazingly fresh, and the flavours were pleasingly tasty together. 

Not sure whether to choose a salad, or a starter, the waiter advised us to try the Taquitos (55LE), which are fried tortilla rolls, stuffed with minced meat and melted cheese. The appetiser came hot and crispy with a side of BBQ sauce that accentuated the minced meat flavour. Before finishing our starter, our main dishes had arrived; the Angus Rib Eye (240LE), and the Pulpo Con Patatas Bravas (225LE).

According to the menu, the Angus rib-eye steak is topped with with apple chimichurri sauce, and comes with a side of Parmesan cauliflower puree. We wanted the cook on the steak to be medium-well, but unfortunately, it was over done, and without the apple chimichurri, or any seasoning at all.

Gladly replaced, but with mushroom sauce instead (for we were told that the apple chimichurri sauce wasn’t available); the dish came quite under-cooked, so it seemed like the steak was a problematic choice. However, the cauliflower puree was just divine; the nutty, creamy cheese flavour worked perfectly with the smooth and subtle taste of the cauliflower, which also went great with the chives that were sprinkled on top.

For our second main, the Spanish Pulpo Con Patatas Bravas (225LE), which is braised octopus that is served with potatoes and green olives. This dish was a flavoursome success; the potatoes were seasoned and cooked impeccably, the octopus had a great texture, and the olives with baby tomatoes brought the dish together. Bedding all the aforementioned ingredients, the in-house-baked bread had a great taste, having absorbed the olive oil and herbs that were dripping from the octopus chunks.

Ending this delightful meal, we decided to get the Date and Apple Toffee Cake (60LE) for dessert, which was served with a side of vanilla ice-cream, topped with caramel sauce. Words cannot really describe how good that cake was; the apple bits were scrumptious, the dates boasted a deep sweet flavour, and the delicate hint of cinnamon just elevated the dish to a whole new level.

All in all, everything was more than incredible; the food, the setting, and especially the friendly staff, who dealt with the utmost professionalism regarding the steak mishap. Not only did we not pay for it, but we were also given a 50% discount on the cheque. We are definitely coming back for a second round because Meaet certainly deserves it.

360 Tip

Meaet offers a breakfast menu with a Middle-Eastern twist.

Best Bit

The quality of food, the relaxing ambience, and the professional service. 

Worst Bit

The rib-eye steak mishap.

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