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Mince: New Sandwiches, Adorable Sliders & Delicious Desserts Stand Out in New Menu

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Ramy Soliman
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Mince: New Sandwiches, Adorable Sliders & Delicious Desserts Stand Out in New Menu

From the addition of around nine new appetisers and three special sandwiches, to an adorable section of sliders and five new BFFs to the Elvis, the biggest burger joint in town, Mince, just launched a new menu and it is inMinceable indeed.


We opted for the Loaded Nachos (50LE) and the Loaded Onion Rings (35LE) to munch on it while checking the newest additions to the menu. Starting with the nachos, the crispy tortilla chips were topped with well-seasoned chili con carne, rich melted cheese sauce, guacamole, and sour cream. It was a great shareable appetiser done properly.


As for the onion rings and mozzarella sticks hybrids, which were served with a unfortunately watery marinara sauce, the dish came in the form of five giant onion rings coated with a crispy crust seasoned with Italian spices, ‘loaded’ with mozzarella cheese melted to perfection and red onions which was a bit odd since they’re not typically used for cooking. However, it gave the dish strong sweet flavour. We wonder what would happen if they topped a burger with it.


Our favourite addition to the menu has to be the sliders; the flavours are more concentrated and give you the chance to try several of Mince’s burgers in one meal. We celebrated the fact that we no longer have to make the hard decision of choosing, with a trio of sliders; Mince’s New Special Pulled BBQ Beef (30LE), the 4 Chillis (25LE), and the Smoked (25LE). Served with an improved version of their coleslaw, the pulled BBQ beef slider was bursting with flavours and had a great diversity of textures due to the very tender grilled and shredded brisket, which is smothered in a sweet and smoky homemade BBQ sauce and topped with allumette fries that gave the burger an amazing crunch.

As for 4 Chillis, we loved how the perfectly seasoned patty was still juicy and the bun very soft; it was  also perfectly toasted and held everything perfectly, while the four kinds of chili peppers added a great pleasant heat which was balanced by the sweetness of the onions and the richness of the melted cheese sauce. The same goes for the Smoked slider; the patty was topped with caramelised onions, smoked cheese and raspberry jam which created a sweet and smoky masterpiece.


We finished our meal with a Sweet Potato Ice Cream (30LE) and Apple Pie (40LE) with Ice Cream (15LE) from the desserts. The first is a simple open baked sweet potato which had a great cinnamon flavour, topped with two scoops of a fantastic vanilla ice cream and then drizzled with caramel sauce. This was a very simple and light dessert, but it was rich in flavours and could be called the Egyptian cousin of the classic banana split. It was the apple pie, however, that stole the show; the cinnamon apple filling had a spot-on texture and delicious sweet and tart flavours, while the buttery dough held the filling perfectly without getting soggy –  and, of course, you can’t have apple pie without a scoop of ice cream.


Overall, Mince’s new items have added more of a fun twist to the menu. The appetisers are great for finger food fans who like to share, the addition of sliders is a very smart move, and the desserts are definitely live up to the immensely popular Elvis French Toast.

360 Tip

The new desserts aren’t yet available at all branches - so call and ask before you go.

Best Bit

The sliders and the apple pie were excellent.

Worst Bit

The watery marinara sauce ruined what was an otherwise very good Loaded Onion Rings starter.

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