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Mince: Not-So-New-Menu Lands in All Branches

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  • 4 Abdel Moneim Hafez St.
  • 10AM - 3AM -
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Ramy Soliman
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Mince: Not-So-New-Menu Lands in All Branches

The last time that Mince announced the new additions to its menu, there were more than 15 items added to the Mince family. This time around, however, only a total of 6 have been added: 2 appetisers, 1 burger, 1 hot dog, and 2 chicken sandwiches. We kicked things off with the Stuffed Mushrooms (55LE) and Corn Dog (45LE), acting as our appetisers.

Starting with the mushrooms, they were stuffed with herb infused cream cheese, coated with a crispy panko crust, and then drizzled with the right amount of tangy buffalo sauce. The sauce helped compliment the dish without overpowering it. We simply wouldn’t change anything about this dish.

As for the corn dogs, the dish came in the form of 4 hot dogs deep fried in a batter, and served with tomato salsa dip (as recommended by the waiter). Despite that the batter needed to be slightly thicker and fluffier, the hot dog itself was probably the best we’ve had in Egypt. It was far from grainy and didn’t have that weird mushy texture that most cheap brands of hot dogs possess. The portion of the appetiser is quite big, and perfect for sharing with others.

Things were going great till we decided to pick the sandwiches. The Cordon Bleu and the Chili MFC -which is pretty much the MFC sandwich with chili on top- were unavailable at the time of our visit, making 2 out the 4 new sandwiches unavailable. We had no choice but to try the Chili Billy (70LE) alongside the Sweet Potato Fries (YES! they’re back! 25LE), and the Mexican Hot Dog (40LE).

The Chili Billy Burger was basically a classic cheese burger with beef chili on top. This burger was a huge letdown for us. The chili itself was bland and didn’t have those bold, spicy flavours we were looking for, the patty was too compressed, resulting in a very dry and dense burger. Overall, it didn’t feel like a good addition to the menu. Meanwhile, the sweet potato fries left us with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it wasn’t the old sweet potato fries that were very crispy and thinly sliced, but on the other hand, we were satisfied with the ‘new’ version.

It’s no surprise, but we loved every bit of the Mexican Hot Dog. As we mentioned before, the quality of the hot dog itself is pretty good. Now imagine that delicious hot dog served in soft bread and topped with tomato salsa, crushed Doritos, jalapenos, and cheese sauce. This sandwich was full of rich, sweet, and spicy flavours, and a cool array of textures. Comfort junk food at its best!


All in all, our experience with Mince’s new menu had its ups and downs. Even though there were limited new choices, especially with the 2 missing items, we enjoyed the whole experience, except for the burger part. The menu is worth trying and you can never leave Mince disappointed if you order their Elvis French Toast for dessert.

360 Tip

Mince opened up a branch in Capital Business Park.

Best Bit

The appetisers and the Mexican Hot Dog. 

Worst Bit

The Chili Billy.

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