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Mo Bistro

Mo Bistro: Sheikh Zayed’s Casual Chic Bistro at Capital Business Promenade

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  • Capital Business Park, 26th of July Corridor
  • International,Steakhouse
  • 10:00 - 01:00
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Nelly Ezz
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Mo Bistro: Sheikh Zayed’s Casual Chic Bistro at Capital Business Promenade

Mo Bistro attempted the laid-back, yet classy restaurant vibe years ago, and now it’s become more of a trend. Fine dining has become more accessible as more casual restaurants are stepping up their game regarding setting and food. Capital Business Promenade has a lot of good restaurants, and Mo Bistro is definitely one of them; offering a fantastic venue and a refined menu that complements the overall atmosphere.

Mo Bistro is a two-storey restaurant with a balcony and an outdoor area; however, the ground floor indoor area is the best one – especially in winter. We went inside and opted for the table with the couch, where we noticed that the space between the seat and the table is slightly disproportionate; the sofa is low while the table is high. We got our menus and began to skim through the amazing appetisers selection; we decided to give two of them a try and share a main.

We started by getting the Beetroot Salad (125LE) – goat cheese, beetroot, arugula, avocado, and pistachios. This salad was beyond perfect; generously seasoned with the excellent dressing, all the elements tasted fresh, and the goat cheese was clearly of premium quality. Afterwards, we decided to get the Salmon Ceviche (175LE) – Salmon bits, avocado, black sesame, and dill. This ceviche was somewhat confusing; usually, ceviche is served raw, the salmon tasted cooked and was cut into large pieces, which missed the whole point of ceviche. Conversely, the marinade of the avocado was amazing, and the dish was properly seasoned.

We then moved on to our main course. The menu is diverse and quite tempting, but we eventually reached a verdict. We got the South African Beef Fillet Capricciosa (320LE) – beef fillet topped with beef bacon, mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh cream, and parmesan shavings, served with grilled vegetables and rice. This dish was quite successful; our well-done steak was cooked to perfection, while all the toppings really complemented each other. The side vegetables had a nice char, and the rice was good – they made sense as sides to the flavour-loaded steak.

The finale to our meal was the Lemon Tart (85LE), which was a deconstructed lemon tart with all the elements separated. The lemon curd was tangy yet sweet, while the meringue was quite fluffy. If we had to comment, we would say to increase the portion of the biscuit crumbs and, if possible, adding a dash of blueberries on top would have taken the dish to another level.

Just like our last visit, this visit was more than a pleasant one; the vibe was relaxing, while the wait staff was certainly attentive. The menu was appealing, and we could really tell that the kitchen staff know what they’re doing; perfecting flavours is no easy task.

360 Tip

Mo Bistro's menu has a range of new items that are worth checking out.

Best Bit

The amazing flavours and unique dishes.

Worst Bit

We’d sound too picky if we mentioned here any of the little slips that we’ve already noted in the article.

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