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Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed: Top-Notch Falafel in Alexandria

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Hannah Cooper
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Mohamed Ahmed: Top-Notch Falafel in Alexandria

Finding foul and falafel in the
Mediterranean city of Alexandria isn’t a difficult task. Every Alexandrian has his or her favourite joint to head to in search of
that cheap and tasty traditional Egyptian meal.

Taking it a step above the rest,
Mohamed Ahmed is an Alexandrian favourite for its fresh falafel bites and delicious
foul sandwiches. Located on Shakour Street in Downtown Alexandria (just around
the corner from Ramleh Station and the Metropole Hotel), the venue offers a tasty
and cheap meal in a bustling area of the city.

Even if you’re only visiting for
the day, Mohamed Ahmed can be easily reached either by car or on food via
Safeya Zaghloul Street, Saad Zaghloul Street or Sultan Hussein Street. Duck
through the entryway into the shop, and its nostalgic feel will have your
stomach rumbling with curiosity in minutes.

The venue is clean and well-lit,
and the friendly staff don’t make any bones about it; so choose your dish and
get ready for a satisfying meal. We recommend hitting up the restaurant at
breakfast time for a traditional Mohamed Ahmed experience.

If you’re craving the whole shebang,
expect to pay around 12LE for falafel, foul, eggs, tehina and salad. Mohamed
Ahmed’s staff are professionals when it comes to freshness, and their falafel
says it all. Fried in an appropriate amount of the freshest oil, the delicious,
doughnut-looking, bite-sized portions are served piping hot and leave your
mouth partying onto the next dish. You can’t go to Mohamed Ahmed without trying
the falafel.

You can’t have Mohamed Ahmed’s
falafel without trying their Alexandria foul either. Lemon juice, fresh
vegetables, and tehina grace the foul’s surface; adding a zesty texture to the
smoothness of the bean. Two eggs are cooked to your preference and provide an extra
punch of protein, while another side of tehina and fresh bread only seal the
deal on this satiable yet simple feast. Other offers at Mohamed Ahmed include
your standard sandwiches and platters of various mezzas, salads and

Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional
breakfast or a late-night feast with friends in Alexandria, Mohamed Ahmed will not disappoint.

360 Tip

Alexandria’s Corniche is a short walk away so take a post meal walk for digestion.

Best Bit

Some of the very best falafel in Alexandria.

Worst Bit

It does get quite crowded; so avoid peak hours if possible.

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