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Mo’men: All-Egyptian Fast Food Chain in Cairo’s Citystars

  • CityStars, Phase 2 , Pyramids Food Court
  • Fast Food
  • 10am - 3am -
reviewed by
Basma Mostafa
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Mo’men: All-Egyptian Fast Food Chain in Cairo’s Citystars

Mo’men was
the first fast food joint that popped up in this reviewer’s mind when the
craving for calorie-infested sandwiches and burgers kicked in.

Located in
the food court of the first floor of Citystars’ Phase 2, Mo’men offers chicken,
beef and seafood sandwiches at relatively cheap prices.

We kicked
things off with the trio chicken meal (31.25LE). Served in an aluminium foil
platter, we weren’t very pleased with the meal. It had a portion of rice topped
with chicken slices, onion, tomato and green pepper. The colour of the chicken
was too dark, probably due to the spices added. Two golden chicken pané slices,
three chicken nuggets, a burger bun and a side of salad were also served with
the meal. The pané was good but unseasoned. The chicken nuggets were pink on
the inside, giving the impression that they were undercooked.

We also sampled
the chicken à la Greque medium sandwich (21LE). Served with a packet of French
fries and a soft drink, the sandwich failed to meet this reviewer’s
expectations. The fries were squishy and frail. Smothered with mayonnaise, the
chicken had a dark colour that this reviewer immensely disliked.

When we asked
for the chicken crispy sandwich, we were told it wasn’t available, so we
switched orders to the pané chicken sandwich (22.25LE). Also served with a
packet of French fries and a soft drink, this sandwich was a slight improvement.
Topped with mayo, orange cheddar cheese and lettuce, the chicken itself was a
bit bland for this reviewer’s liking.

sandwich options include the Philly cheese steak, Alexandrian liver and beef
shawerma. The menu also features two seafood sandwiches: the shrimps pané and seafood

Dessert options
include ice cream (5LE), strawberry cheese cake (8.50LE), Nutella tortilla (3.50LE)
and apple pie (5LE.) We asked for the Nutella tortilla and the apple pie, but
were told that they weren’t available. So, we had a chocolate-chip cookie (4.75LE).
The cookie was buttery and soft; the kind of softness that comes from being
frosted and defrosted one time too many times. We also tried the nougat cream
with nuts (5.25LE). Served in a plastic cup and topped with a layer of orange fruit
– possibly mango –
nougat was better than this reviewer expected.

This reviewer found Mo’men to be an affordable fast food option, but many of its dishes failed to impress.

360 Tip

If you happen to be in the UAE, Malaysia, Libya or Sudan and feel homesick, Mo'men has branches there.

Best Bit

Mo'men's prices are too cheap to be true.

Worst Bit

Mo'men uses spices that give the chicken a suspicion-arousing dark colour.

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