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Murphy’s Sandwiches

Murphy’s Sandwiches: A Quick Bite in Maadi

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Murphy’s Sandwiches: A Quick Bite in Maadi

There are days when you feel like dining at a restaurant, where you can enjoy the experience for as long as it takes; other days you just need to grab something quickly and get back to your busy schedule. That’s why we decided to try Murphy’s Sandwiches; Maadi’s famous to-go place for a quick bite.                                       

Located in Degla, Murphy’s is merely a kitchen with barely enough room to stand, and no seatings at all. The menu, however, contradicts the size of the place, as it offers a variety of different options, catering to all tastes; from breakfast items, wraps, quesadillas, hotdogs and sandwiches, to sides, kids’ meals, and desserts.

Our choices were the Steak and Cheese Wrap (50 LE) and the Fried chicken (40 LE). We also felt like trying the Nutella Waffle, but unfortunately, it was not available at the time of our visit.

Comprising of shredded beef, bell peppers, onions, with their thickened sauce, the Steak and Cheese Wrap came wrapped in a white tortilla along with pickles and cheese. The mixture, as a whole, was flavourful, but the steak was chewy, and the cheese sauce felt more processed than natural.

On the other hand, the fried chicken was well cooked. Crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside; it comes wrapped with lettuce and honey mustard sauce, which we personally thought was not enough, but you can always ask for more fillings.

When it comes to food, it’s a draw. Considering the many options on the menu, and the fast service; Murphy’s Sandwiches is highly recommended when you’re looking for something to eat on the run.

360 Tip

You can build your own sandwich.

Best Bit

The efficient service.       

Worst Bit

The chewy steak.

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