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Papa John’s

Papa John’s: Delicious & Affordable Pizza in Cairo

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Basma Mostafa
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Papa John’s: Delicious & Affordable Pizza in Cairo

There’s something about pizza that
makes us go weak at the knees. It might be that pizza always reminds us of
late-night gatherings with friends and offers us comfort whenever the going
gets tough.

Located in Citystars mall on the first floor of Phase 2, Papa John’s serves up fresh,
delicious pizzas that will have you drooling with anticipation. The service is
very friendly, and you receive your meal within ten minutes of ordering.

The menu at Papa John’s features
numerous appetisers, including chicken wings, potato wedges, cheese sticks and
bread sticks. If you want to try a little something of everything, opt for the
sampler platter (27.50LE) for three different appetisers.

This reviewer sampled the bread
sticks (8LE); delicious, tender and light on the stomach. The sticks are served
with a pizza dipping sauce prepared from fresh tomatoes and another special
garlic sauce, whose ingredients remain a mystery, but offers a satisfying

They are perfect for kick-starting
your appetite, not that you are going to need any help with that; the
tantalizing aroma of pizza fresh out of the oven is capable of arousing your
appetite all by itself.

Papa John’s serves up several
combinations of pizza toppings of beef, chicken, seafood, cheese and vegetables.
Several variations of the pizza dough are also available; you can choose from
the original crust, stuffed crust, thin and crunchy, half and half and twin (a
stuffing of creamy cheese sandwiched between two layers of pizza dough).

We ordered the cha cha pizza (22LE);
but rest assured, the nice ring of its name had nothing to do with our choice.
The pizza was topped with three different types of chicken – fajita chicken,
grilled chicken and chicken sausage with onions and green peppers. Although the
slices of chicken sausage have a strange green hue, the cha cha pizza is a
delicious option.

If you prefer your pizza
a tad more seasoned and spicy, try the Mexican ole pizza (21LE for the small
size). Topped with sliced grilled chicken, tomato, onion, mushroom, green
pepper and jalapeno, this Mexican delight is one of our all-time favourites.

Most pizzas are
available in four sizes – small, medium, large and family if you order the
original crust, and only medium and large sizes for the stuffed crust.

The menu at Papa John’s
isn’t just limited to pizza; several pasta dishes are also on offer. The
pizzeria also has a salad bar, where a single serving of various salads costs
16 LE.

Papa John’s is a great option when
the craving for pizza kicks in, and their calorie-infested pizza has the
ability to lift spirits like no other. 

360 Tip

Papa John's branch in El Rehab offers an outdoor seating area that's perfect for summer evenings.  

Best Bit

An affordable pizza joint that goes easy on the wallet, yet offers your taste buds a pleasant experience.

Worst Bit

Finding an empty table at Citystars’ food court on weekends is impossible.

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