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Paul: Charming Experience at New Cairo Branch

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  • Cairo Festival City, New Cairo
  • French
  • 10:00 - 02:00
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Nagla Ashraf
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Paul: Charming Experience at New Cairo Branch

Paul has been maintaining its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Egypt, especially when it comes to an upscale experience. The premium quality of Paul’s food can be seen in their breakfast, bakery, or dinner options, making it a sure hit for any outing.

Perhaps our favourite Paul branch is the one in Cairo Festival City Mall, taking a prime location right in front of the signature fountain in CFCM’s Village. We tried out the branch to see how well they’ve been doing, and we were quite impressed.

We decided to opt for one of their healthy options, the Fermière Salad (99 EGP), and added the Passion Fruit Mojito (49 EGP), as well as a Cappuccino (32 EGP). Before our order came, they presented us with a bread basket plus olives, butter, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. That alone is enough to make the experience pleasant.

As for the salad itself, it came as a base of lettuce topped with Parmesan cheese, walnuts, apple, raisins, carrot, and honey-mustard grilled chicken. It was quite delicious and works perfectly if you’re eating with an eye on the calories. The perfectly marinated chicken is complemented even further by the crunchiness of the apple and lettuce, and works wonders with the sweetness of raisins. A unique combination that succeeds on every level.

Our next venture was the Passion Fruit Mojito, which tasted okay, but we were looking for a bit of a fresher taste from the mint. The syrup wasn’t all that good either. Next up we drank our cappuccino which was somehow one of the stars of the day. They bring in excellent coffee beans and they know how to use them, plus they serve it up with a small cake that complements the coffee’s taste perfectly.

Conclusively, we would definitely love to return to Paul.


Translated by: Sherif Khairy

360 Tip

Don't miss out on their desserts!

Best Bit

The delicious salad.

Worst Bit

The Mojito's syrup.

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