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Paul: Expensive but Classy French Restaurant in Citystars

  • City Stars, Omar Ibn El Khattab St.
  • French
  • 9:30am-midnight -
reviewed by
Lauren Lutz
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Paul: Expensive but Classy French Restaurant in Citystars

Opened in
France in 1889, Paul started off as a small family-owned bakery and has since
grown into an international chain with locations all over the world; now
including Cairo. If you can’t find it in the maze of Citystars; just follow the
smell of freshly baked bread next to Virgin Megastore. Functioning as
both café and restaurant, Paul is the perfect choice for a quick coffee break
or a full dinner; it even offers two different menus for its café and

Despite its
location in a busy mall, Paul manages to envelope you in its rustic chic
ambience. Though your eyes might keep wandering to the fresh baked loaves and the
beautifully displayed cakes and tarts behind the counter; take a good look at
the menu and don’t fill up on the deliciously fresh bread and olive tapenade
that are served as soon as you sit down.

The menu
offers a wide selection of soups (29LE to 34LE), salads (79LE), crêpes (55LE to
69LE), quiches (55LE to 59LE), sandwiches (45LE to 79LE), pizzas (44LE to 54LE),
and chicken gratins (59LE) in addition to a variety of main courses. Don’t let
any of the fancier sounding dishes scare you away from ordering an authentic
French vanilla shake (19LE) with your meal, though; it’ll be the best decision
you make all day. You can also have your pick of a number of fresh juices and
cocktail creations; the summer delight (26LE) is crisp and sweet with bits of
strawberry and creamy banana.

If you’re
hungry enough to need a starter, consider the saumon et crabe salad (79LE). The
lettuce might be a little on the limp side, but the dish is beautifully
arranged and the salmon tastes as good as it looks. Paul is famous for their
sandwiches, but be wary of the Paul boeuf toast (79LE). For all the fanfare
included on the menu (the sandwich includes ‘capsicums’ i.e. peppers), the open-faced
sandwich tastes a little too much like fast food and the melted cheddar on top
is simply ugly.

The cordon de poulet et fromage with gratins Dauphinois (79LE)
also bears an excessive description (it’s a rather basic cordon bleu); but the
dish is not disappointing. The crispy, yet juicy bites are filled with cheese,
and while the potatoes were not your traditional au gratin (they weren’t really
‘gratin’ at all) the paper-thin slices with cheese melted on top were a rather
tasty interpretation.

Your choice
of desserts is a bit dizzying and you can choose exactly what you want from
behind the counter; from black forest cake and rhubarb pie, to flan and Paul’s
specialty jumbo macaroons. We settled on the Charlotte aux framboises, an
exquisite raspberry tart that left us feeling full and satisfied. A great ending to a good meal.

360 Tip

Paul offers three set menus for fetar, as well as date eclairs and tartes. For more updates on Paul, click here.

Best Bit

The bread here is seriously delicious; no one would blame you for buying a few loaves on your way out.

Worst Bit

As good as the food is, you can't help but feel that you've paid a lot of money for a simple meal.

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