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Pink Palms Eatery: On-The-Go Gourmet Fast-food in 6th of October

6th of October City food review Gourmet Pink Palms Eatery restaurant
Pink Palms Eatery: On-The-Go Gourmet Fast-food in 6th of October

In the past year or so, Chillout gas stations have been appearing everywhere around our capital. However, Chillout stations are more than just regular gas stations; they’ve become something similar to mini strip malls with pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes. Pink Palms Eatery is located in one of those stations on 26th of July Corridor in 6th of October City.

Pink Palms definitely stands out from other fast-food chains and restaurants. It boasts glorified toasties and a Miami Beach aesthetic that is beyond eye-catching. Conversely, as we walked in, it was clear that the interior seating was a bit worn for a place that had recently opened. The menu seemed very appealing, but after we had ordered everything and paid, the cashier told us we had to cancel the French Toast dessert because of a grill problem they had.

We waited a substantial amount of time to get our food, even though there was only one other table of customers. As soon as our food arrived, the difference between the reality and Instagram versions were quite noticeable. The appetiser we settled on was the Cheesy Bacon Potato (39 LE) – the melted cheese was too little in ratio to the fries, but other than that, it was an acceptable starter.

For our drinks of choice, we first got the Pink Palm Shake (41 LE) – a strawberry milkshake with a twist of fresh mint. It was a decent milkshake; the portion was also a bit small for the price, but the mint really gave it a unique twist. We also got the Blue Cuban (45 LE) – a blueberry mojito with fresh blueberries and a colourful hue. Unfortunately for us, it lacked flavour and was so warm that we had to ask for ice.

Lastly, we had ordered two sandwiches; one beef and one chicken to share. First was the Chicken Slaw (83 LE) – Nashville hot chicken, coleslaw and garlic mayo. This sandwich had its ups and downs as the chicken had a few rubbery, chewy bites and the bread was a bit soggy. However, the slaw was nicely seasoned. As for the Cheesy Shrooms Burger (93 LE) – double beef burger, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and crispy beef bacon, this sandwich was a no-go for us. The bread didn’t complement the meat, and the crispy bacon was too chewy, although the meat patty itself was perfectly spiced.

Pink Palm Eatery certainly has room for improvement regarding interior cleanliness, food quality, and value for money. Attention to detail and maintaining quality are certainly vital when introducing a new concept to the fast-food market.  

360 Tip

They offer combo boxes and breakfast

Best Bit

The Cheesy Bacon Potato fries

Worst Bit

Value for money

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