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Plenty: Family-Owned Italian Deli Wows at Arkan Mall Extension

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Plenty: Family-Owned Italian Deli Wows at Arkan Mall Extension

Italian delis are an adult’s wonderland of sights, flavours, and smells. Buying cold cuts and baked goods from a deli is not like buying them from the supermarket. So much care and love go into each specialised artisanal deli product, especially when it’s family-owned. Plenty elevated the deli game when they decided to offer ready-to-go sandwiches, handmade Italian delicacies, Neapolitan-style pizza, fresh pasta, and much more at their Arkan store. With that route, Plenty is not only a deli but also a restaurant, making it perfect for quick grabs and timely lunches.

Located just next door to Gelato Mio at Arkan Mall’s newly opened extension, Plenty is a cosy deli with an indoor counter for quick grabs and a couple of tables situated in the outdoor area. As soon as we walked in, we noticed their open kitchen brimming with fresh pizza ready to be popped in the oven. The vibe instantly hit us; the smell of freshly-baked pizza, smiley staff, and artisanal goodies surrounding us, we were sold. The weather was sweltering outside, and the counter wasn’t very convenient for a meal, so the staff offered to move an outdoor table inside for us. We settled in and began to browse through their products and menu.

We opted for one Full portion Pepperoni Pizza (150 LE) to share; it had homemade salami, roast mushrooms, fresh homemade tomato sauce, and mozzarella with extra olives. Their pizzas have two size options: the Full portion, which is the regular-sized pizza, and the Lunch portion that’s a smaller size, suitable for one person. The pizza was simply out of this world! The sauce was tasty and spiced, the dough was perfectly charred, and the salami gave the pizza the salty kick it needed. At the same time, we had also ordered the Penne Carbonara (115 LE), thick creamy homemade pasta with parmesan, fresh eggs, and salami. Carbonara is a complex dish to perfect, mainly because it contains raw eggs. However, this pasta dish was another delicious success; the homemade al dente pasta had a great chew, the sauce was perfectly creamy, and the salami brought all the elements together.

Since we tried their hot dishes, we also wanted to give their deli products a go. The Sun-dried Focaccia Bread Tray (45 LE) sounded terrific, so we got one and sided it with their Yellow Bell Pepper Dip (55 LE). Both of which tasted fresh yet lacked seasoning and spices; a little bit of salty goodness goes a long way for sure. We wanted to give their deli meat a try, but unfortunately, they only had enough for their hot dishes and sandwiches and not for purchasing at the time of our visit.

Plenty has this “favourite neighbourhood deli” vibe to it; it’s the perfect place to go every morning for a quick breakfast or during lunch breaks. The only downside might be that they don’t have a dessert section yet, but other than that, everything is nothing short of splendid. Plenty is undoubtedly the type of deli that will continue to wow with their friendly, helpful staff and authentic Italian delicacies.

360 Tip

When purchasing their handmade pasta to go, make sure to store it in the fridge and cook within three days.

Best Bit

The pizza and the pasta dishes.

Worst Bit

The lack of seasoning in the focaccia bread and dip.

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