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Seecoz: Gyros Finally Make Their Way to Zamalek

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Seecoz: Gyros Finally Make Their Way to Zamalek

Gyros to Europe are as famous and as widespread as shawerma to the Middle East, which is no surprise, given their similarity when it comes to the cooking method and how accessible they are as street food.

Located in Zamalek’s busiest street, 26th of July street, Seecoz stands out among other shops with its unique white and blue setting. The place is quite small; there’s barely enough room downstairs to order, and the upstairs area has a few modern designed marble tables that can be considered to be communal.

The menu comprises beef and chicken options for gyros and souvlaki, in addition to a grilled halloumi cheese option. We opted for a Chicken Souvlaki (65LE) and a Beef Gyro (75LE), with a side of fries (20LE), which was not really necessary, since both wraps came loaded with them.

Chicken cubes, onion, tomatoes, and fries, dressed in the traditional Greek tzatziki sauce, and wrapped in pita bread; the chicken souvlaki boasted a pleasant mixture, with the moist, fresh pita bread being the star of the show. Unlike the bread, the chicken cubes, unfortunately, did not taste as fresh, having the texture of store-bought frozen chicken.

Almost sharing the same condiments and toppings; the beef gyro, on the other hand, was excellently seasoned and cooked. The delightfully sour tzatziki sauce complemented the blend, making the gyro the highlight of our visit. 

For dessert, we ordered an Oreo Softie, which was described on the menu as soft ice cream with fried doughnut balls and Oreo. While the doughnut balls went missing in action, the soft ice cream that came with a sprinkle of Oreo crumbs, and a chocolate sauce drizzle was, nevertheless, a light and sweet end to our visit.

Undoubtedly, Seecoz captured many hearts with its gyros, which has become a favourite to many in no time. We fell in love with their beef options and crispy fries, and, of course, the pita bread that made it whole.

360 Tip

Make sure to have cash on you, as credit cards are not accepted.

Best Bit

The beef gyro.           

Worst Bit

The missing doughnut balls.

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