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Self: Healthy Eating Made Easier In The Heart of Zamalek

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Self: Healthy Eating Made Easier In The Heart of Zamalek

Self Juicery and Health House is an idea born on the aspect of creating access to quick, healthy options for locals on the go. The concept was eager to help the organic movement by introducing new and unique products to the Maadi area a few years back and found great success. Self realised healthy options can be slim when you are always on the go; that’s why they created an array of products to help customers be properly fueled throughout their day. There are options for everyone, from a wide range of health juices to toasties and everything in between. 

After opening a few branches in Sahel, Self branched out to the 6th of October, New Cairo, and Zamalek. That’s why we opted to try their 27th of July street branch in the heart of Zamalek to see how easy and enjoyable our quick visit would be. We walked there because there was no parking spot anywhere around; we headed in and began to look through their menu. The place was empty around 7 in the afternoon, probably because it was more of a daytime place.

We decided to get a few different items to share, so we started with the Strawberry Banana Blend (57 LE) –  strawberry, banana, oat, almond milk, honey, vanilla, and chia seeds. This blend is made initially with coconut milk, but we substituted it for almond milk. The combination is out of this world; the creaminess of the banana complemented the subtle vanilla taste and the fruity strawberry flavour. 

We, then, ordered a Chicken Mushroom Sandwich (74 LE) – grilled chicken, fresh mushrooms, caramelised onions, Emmental cheese, and greek mayo, accompanied with one Make Your Own Salad (60 LE) – mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, feta cheese, onion flakes, and vinaigrette. The sandwich was, safe to say, mediocre. The fillings were okay, but the mayo was too much that it overpowered everything else. The salad was quite sizable, filling, and bright; however, the vinaigrette sauce was more zesty than actually flavourful – but it  worked with a bit of salt and pepper. 

Lastly, we had also decided to share one Fruit + Nut Greek Yoghurt (60 LE) – Greek yoghurt, seasonal fruit, pistachio, granola, and honey. There were two of those on display, but we opted for a freshly-made one instead and waited for it to be made. The last item was tasty, bright, and fruity, but the Greek yoghurt itself lacked its famous thick texture, however, the flavour was there.

Self has proved to be one of the leaders in healthy eating and living here in Cairo. People in Sahel and health-conscience neighbourhoods in Cairo are always visiting Self when they’re on the go and in need of a quick fix. Their extensive menu works well to cater to many palettes, and being available in the right place at the right time is something they definitely emphasised on. 

360 Tip

Opt for fresh granola rather than ready-made ones if you have the time.

Best Bit

The Blend

Worst Bit

The sandwich 

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