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Sizzle Grill House

Sizzle Grill House: Delicious Steaks and Tasty Brownies in Dokki

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Haisam Awad
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Sizzle Grill House: Delicious Steaks and Tasty Brownies in Dokki

Having seemingly popped out of nowhere on Dokki’s
Michel Bakhoum Street, Sizzle Grill House is the latest in a long line of
café/restaurant hybrids in the area. The modestly chic interior is visible from
the street and was enough to lure this reviewer in for an impulsive visit.

From the variety of starters, we tried the potato skins
(19.95LE) and the tortilla chips with spinach and artichoke dip (25.95LE).
Rather than the small bite-sized pieces we expected, the potato skins were
huge. They were topped with melted cheeses and diced beef bacon, both of which
were minimal. We should have got a pot of sour cream, but were served with a
pot of plain yoghurt instead, and were grateful for the bottles of ketchup,
mustard and chilli sauce on the table. The delicious and warm tortilla chips
were not done justice by the disappointing dip, which was high on artichoke and
low on spinach, and needed a lot of salt.

The feijoada (79.95LE) is a Brazilian dish that combines a
specially marinated beef steak with a bean stew and thin fried onion chips. It
comes highly recommended by the staff, and is served with one side of your
choice. This reviewer opted for the Mexican rice, which, albeit spicy, was dry
and tasteless. It mattered not though, because the steak itself was more than
enough. Cooked perfectly to medium as requested, the piece of meat was larger
than steak cuts, and the bean stew gave it a colourful taste. So much so
however, that the beans and onion chips overshadowed the taste of the meet when
combined in one bite.

We also tried the blackened fish and shrimp (74.95LE); a
traditional Cajun preparation that is seldom found in Cairo restaurants. The
idea is that the fish – or meat and chicken – is immersed in melted
butter before being seasoned heavily with various herbs and spices, with the
result being a creamy but mildly spicy dish. Although the sauce was creamy, it
was only slightly seasoned and needed much salt and pepper.

The fish was a
little tasteless but cooked perfectly, as was the shrimp that was much more
flavoursome. The dish came with two side; sautéed vegetables and potato wedges.
We were pleasantly surprised that the vegetables weren’t overcooked and
mushy, while the potato wedges were just a little to crisp on the outside but
were served piping hot.

Alluring photographs in the menu compelled us to order the
chocolate stones (29.95LE) from the small dessert section. Six small brownies
were brought to our table on a hot skillet, where the waiter poured coconut
milk over them to produce a cacophony of sizzling. The brownies were adorned
with chocolate pebbles – hence the name – and slices of fried dry
apricot accompanied the dish as decoration. Having never tried chocolate
pebbles, we expected them to be crunchy or chewy, but they were soft and
complimented the slightly spongy brownies perfectly. Said brownies were densely
chocolaty, and the small pieces are perfect for sharing. 

Despite its name, which is more fitting of a fast-food
joint, Sizzle is an ambitious restaurant that we can see becoming a new favourite
hangout spot on account of its impending expansion. Staff told us of the
ongoing work with the small garden area: screens will be erected to show live
football and shisha will be served. Striking a balance between the high-end
restaurant and the casual chill-out spot it will certainly be a challenge.

360 Tip

You can order Sizzle's starters or desserts from the comfort of your own home.

Best Bit

Eclectic range of international dishes.

Worst Bit

The garden that the staff speak of so highly is really quite small and narrow.

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