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Sizzler: New Branch at Mall of Egypt with New items ‎

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Sizzler: New Branch at Mall of Egypt with New items ‎

Only a 3-minute walk from VOX Cinema and overlooking Ski Egypt, Sizzler boasts a strategic spot at Mall of Egypt. The restaurant is quite spacious, and the seats are very comfortable, giving you the warm vibes of an old school restaurant.

Without further ado, we delved into the menu. We opted for a Mini Combo as an appetiser, which consists of 4 pieces of sweet and spicy chicken drenched in sweet chilli sauce, two fried mozzarella sticks, two pieces of Cordon Bleu, two Santa Fe Chicken rolls, and two Santa Fe Steak rolls.

While the chilli sauce didn’t make up for the sweet and spicy chicken’s dryness, the cordon bleu, on the other hand, were spot-on crispy and cheesy. The fried mozzarella was basic – nothing wrong with them though – while the Santa Fes, both chicken and steak, were flavoursome and crunchy. The last two were complemented by the two sauces of our choice, which were honey mustard, and marinara.

As for the mains, we opted for the Shrimp Alfredo Pasta (140LE), Grilled Turkey Steak (149LE), and Sizzler Santa Fe Jumbo Steak (209LE). Both steak dishes were served with your choice of two sides or pasta.

We couldn’t help but think that 140 pounds for a pasta dish is a little steep, until the plate came;  not only was the portion huge, but also the amount of shrimp in the pasta was crazy! We really enjoyed this creamy and fulfilling item that only recently made it to the menu. The pasta and shrimp were perfectly cooked, and the sauce was simply delicious.

Moving to the jumbo steak, it was stuffed with a hefty amount of cheese, and covered with wilted spinach mixed with corn and beans. To be honest, the presentation of the dish was rather unappetising, and the combo of cheddar cheese, spinach, and the steak was slightly odd and didn’t work for us. However, we enjoyed the properly made fries and mashed potatoes, and the quality of the beef as well. We’d recommend sticking to a classic steak.

Meanwhile, the tender turkey steak was pretty much the same as a grilled chicken dish, topped with mushroom sauce, which was pleasantly peppery. You can choose another sauce from creamy spinach, dijon, green pepper, capri, curry, lemon, mixed cheese, pepper, or a la creme.

Overall, our experience at Sizzler was good for what it is. If you’re looking for large portions, saucy food, decent variety, and reasonable prices, then Sizzler is your place.

360 Tip

Sizzler's branch in Maadi delivers.

Best Bit

The shrimp Alfredo pasta.

Worst Bit

We inexplicably paid 32LE for cover charge.

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