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Sizzler Steak House

Sizzler Steak House: Giant Portions at Steakhouse in Maadi

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Gaser El Safty
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Sizzler Steak House: Giant Portions at Steakhouse in Maadi

In recent years, the Cairo dining scene has seen in an influx of unusual and sometimes even exotic flavour palettes from around the globe, but sometimes, it’s the stuff you know and love that needs the occasional revamping.

In Maadi, the most recent addition to the restaurant scene has been Sizzler Steak House. While the concept of a steak house is not new, the general awareness of meat cuts and cooking in Egypt is relatively low.

With a staircase leading downwards into a dimly lit, entirely dark wood basement complimented with cream coloured couches and bright red lights in partitions contrasted against some form of decorative glass. It’s not easy on the eyes, neither was the clichéd playlist of flamenco music on the ears.

The restaurant was relatively empty on our arrival and, as you are led inside, you’ll realize the restaurant is about four times the size you thought it was when you first walked in. The waiters were very attentive, but after about ten minutes we realised it was too much and crossed into hovering.

The menu will look very familiar if you’ve frequented restaurants like Steak Out, Roastery or Specta, with Tex-Mex appetisers, soups, salads, burgers, pastas, main courses and desserts – nothing signature or particularly unusual.

We opted for a Mini Sizzler Combo (39.95LE) from the appetisers and a Cream of Mushroom Soup (12.95LE). For the steaks, we original wanted a New York cut, but were told it was unavailable, so we opted for a Classic Trio (129.95LE) and a Fillet Lover (129.95LE) – more on them later.

Never had we seen a restaurant more on point with when they serve the different courses of the meal. The soup was served first coupled with a complimentary warm bread basket and butter. Featuring fresh mushrooms, but far too much cream, the soup was a complete misbalance of the simple elements.

Next came the Mini Sizzler Combo, featuring two chicken rolls, fried mozzarella, chicken strips and spring rolls with honey mustard and sweet and sour sauces. The frying process left the appetisers crunchy and not as greasy as you would expect, but unfortunately, nothing stood out in terms of flavour.

No later than a minute after the appetisers were removed off our table, the main courses were served. Reminiscent of the same previously mentioned restaurants, the portions were massive. The Classic Trio featured a fillet topped with creamy mushroom sauce – almost identical to the soup in consistency – a well cooked grilled chicken breast and shrimp in creamy garlic sauce alongside very tasty French fries and decent sautéed vegetables. The fillet was ordered medium and that’s exactly what we received. Everything was cooked and seasoned very well, but the shrimp stood out thanks to a very good garlic sauce.

The Fillet Lover, featuring two fillets – one topped with pepper sauce and the other with mushroom – and sides of mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Unfortunately, these fillets were ordered medium as well but were served rare. While the staff was happy to solve the problem, the result was a well done steak – a very common problem with steak houses in Cairo.

Overall, it’s difficult to describe Sizzler as anything more than decent, or even safe. While the value for money is great in terms of portions, it doesn’t wow in terms of flavour or appearance. The latter feels like a cookie-cutter job.

360 Tip

The portions are really big, keep that in mind.

Best Bit

The courses of the meal never clashed and the staff were attentive...

Worst Bit

...a little to attentive - stop hovering, please.

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