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Sofra: A Taste of Elegant Dining in Mohandiseen

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Dalia El Fiki
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Sofra: A Taste of Elegant Dining in Mohandiseen

The moment you step through Sofra’s doors, you will wish that you had
worn a black cocktail dress, and maybe your dining companion should have least
worn a tie. The lavish furniture and set-up give off the air of a Trump-style
dinner, rather than an intimate restaurant in Mohandiseen. This restaurant is
tucked away on Michael Bakhoum Street, right next to Makani and Om El Khair, where Avenue used to stand.

Sofra’s decor is classy and elegant. The interior is decked with dark
grey suede couches, which are perfectly coordinated with off-white dining table
chairs and silver frames. The walls are covered with mirrors, and the dim
lighting adds to the overall relaxed atmosphere. One of the striking design
elements in Sofra is an indoor waterfall hidden behind a white panel with the
word ‘Sofra’ plastered across it in black. The restaurant also has some small
plastic trees and plants inside, which come off as classy, not cheap.

Seeing as this is a relatively new restaurant, only one smartly dressed chef
de metres takes your order. While this may be a drawback on busier nights, the advantage of having a professional waiter is
rare in most Cairo restaurants.

Upon your arrival, you’re greeted with complimentary bread sticks
covered in poppy seeds and others with cheese, which are divine and mildly
addictive. The small Sofra mix (15.99LE) gives you the best variety of Sofra’s
mainly fried entrées, including chicken, prawns and fried mozzarella as well as
spring rolls.  

When it comes to the main courses of meat, chicken or pasta, the luxury
of choosing your side dish should not go unnoticed; especially when the side
dishes are as perfectly cooked as they are here at Sofra. The veal with pepper
sauce (59.99LE) is a noteworthy dish. Though the sauce is not a ‘hot pepper’ sauce
per se, it nonethless has the perfect balance of leaving your taste buds sizzling without irritating your tear ducts. The main issue was that the
actual meat was a little dry. The steamed vegetable side dishes are fresh and
cooked to perfection.  

Another excellent
dish is a special order – chicken with mustard sauce (49.99LE). Soft
chicken breasts are drenched in a rich creamy, yet zesty sauce that will leave
you in a state of foodgasm. A side dish of perfectly steamed rice accompanies
the chicken.  

The main drawback to Sofra’s general atmosphere is the
large TV screens on the walls. If you have the misfortune of going to Sofra on
the day of a major football match, you will be forced to listen to the match. Another
disadvantage is that the menus are only available in Arabic so far. Nonetheless,
Sofra offers an elegant and quality dining experience, as long as you avoid
match days.

360 Tip

Make the most out of the elegant atmosphere and do not go on match days.

Best Bit

The classy set-up and the quality cuisine.

Worst Bit

Apart from the large TV screens, parking on Michael Bakhoum Street is a nightmare due to the heavy presence of restaurants in the area.

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