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Stereo Restaurant & Café

Stereo Restaurant & Café: A Food Gem Hidden in the Heart of the Fifth Settlement

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  • 20 Street 66, Cairo Governorate, New Cairo
  • International
  • 08:00 - 11:00
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Stereo Restaurant & Café: A Food Gem Hidden in the Heart of the Fifth Settlement

Featured image via Stereo Restaurant & Café


At Cairo 360, we value high-quality food as much as the next person. As a result, we are always keen on continually updating our readers with the hottest food spots in the capital. No matter the restaurant’s speciality, whether it’s American burgers, Indian butter chicken, Italian pizza, or Chinese noodles, you can bet that we will be there to try them out for you and share our feedback. Our latest expedition took place last weekend when we celebrated the last day of Eid at a restaurant and café called Stereo.

Before diving into the juicy stuff (literally), let’s talk about our newly discovered treasure, Stereo. The first fact that we found out was that it opened in June 2011. This came as quite a surprise to us because, let’s face it, very few restaurants in Egypt maintain their high level of quality for as long as 8 years. Its location is quite easy and convenient; its address is 20, street 66 in Fifth Settlement, very close to the renowned street, El Teseen.

We rarely visit any new food spots without warming up our appetites with a starter. We didn’t even have to look at the menu, because as soon as we walked in, we were drawn to an eye-catching dish that a waiter was serving at a table nearby. The dish, called the “Stereo Jumbo” (110 LE), tasted as delicious as it looked. It consisted of some crispy onion rings, mouthwatering spring rolls, crunchy chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks filled with melted cheese. To perfectly complement the plate, a selection of 3 sauces were added: thousand island dressing, ranch sauce, and honey mustard.

Now, we move on to the “meat” of the review, the main courses. We tried out the following dishes: Country Club & Grilled Chicken (110 LE), Basil Chicken Piccata (105 LE), Stereo Club Sandwich (58 LE), and the Seafood Risotto (105 LE). We have no idea where to begin, because each order had its own separate identity, in terms of taste, flavour, temperature, quantity, and presentation.

All in all, we left the table fully satisfied, plus the servers were very friendly. The most memorable part was the sauces because they were delicious and were poured over the food in abundance, without overpowering the flavour of the rest of the components on the plate. Our only negative comment would have to be the waiting time. Maybe it was because we were really hungry and the place was so packed, but we felt like we waited an excessively long time for the food to arrive. Otherwise, we would have definitely given a much higher rating. At the end of the day, it was worth the wait, no question about that!

We recommend you pay Stereo Restaurant & Café a visit very soon and share your feedback with us. Check more about them on their Facebook page.

360 Tip

The restaurant also serves breakfast.

Best Bit

The sauces.

Worst Bit

The waiting time

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