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Tawlet Beirut

Tawlet Beirut: Lebanese Restaurant Exceeds Expectations

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  • Twin Tower - Sheikh Zayed Abu Rawwash, Al Jizah, Egyp
  • Lebanese
  • 10:00 - 01:00
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Angie El Batrawy
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Tawlet Beirut: Lebanese Restaurant Exceeds Expectations

Images via Tawlet Beirut 


Every single time we step into the Sheikh Zayed’s Twin Towers, we hit Tawlet Beirut, craving one of their impeccable desserts and their fresh juices, but we’ve never tried anything else on the menu. This is exactly why we decided that it was about time to delve into their appetisers and main dishes.

The restaurant is divided into two parts; an outdoor space, which is separated from the indoor area with a glass divider. The décor is of classic steel furniture, with a definite Lebanese aura.

We’ve decided to take a seat in the outdoor area, and we were promptly handed menus. In the menu, we found loads of mouthwatering dishes, from hot and cold appetisers and main courses, to Lebanese crackers and manakish. As we were ready to order our food, we were given a small tray, on to which Lebanese quotes and proverbs had been creatively carved.

We decided to start our meal with a classic Lebanese salad: Fattoush (44 EGP). The salad was on point and sure did surpass our expectations. The presentation was a blessing, the dressing was great, and everything in the salad – from the lettuce to the Rocca and cucumber, to the tomatoes and onions – was incredibly fresh. We also especially enjoyed the crunchy bread and the sweet and sour taste of the pomegranate.

Later, we dug into a huge platter of Chicken Fettah (76 EGP), which consisted of chicken cut into small pieces with toasted bread, yoghurt, and pine nuts. The plate doesn’t come with rice, that’s why we asked for some as a side dish (23 EGP). The Chicken Fettah was, unfortunately, a bit disappointing as it wasn’t garnished with pine nuts as promised by the menu. We also found that the dish contained too much yoghurt for our liking. That being said, the overall taste of the dish was great. As for the side of rice, we were more than happy with the portion size and even happier with the fact that it was drenched in the restaurant’s special sauce.  The rice was flaky, and the sauce gave it a necessary kick of flavour.

For our second main dish, we opted for the Lebanese Kofta (92 EGP). This dish consists of grilled kofta, two side dishes (rice and sautéed vegetables), and topped with bread dressed with veggie garnish. The meat was excellently cooked, the sides did not disappoint, and the bread carried the flavours of the grill.

At the end of our meal, we asked for tea – a pot of tea to be specific – (17 EGP), and Lebanon Ghazal (48 EGP). The dessert is a sort of oriental cotton candy made from sesame, topped with ice cream flavoured with caramelised mastic gum and pistachio. That sure was a one-of-a-kind invention! The presentation was breathtaking; a huge cotton candy platter designed with love and topped with caramel sauce. The flavours were very concentrated, and the portion is enough for more than two. That being said, if you do not like super sweet desserts, avoid ordering this dish.

All in all, our experience at Tawlet Beirut was amazing. We truly got a taste of Lebanese flavours and vibes, without having to book a trip to Beirut.

360 Tip

Hit their Facebook page to stay updated with their new menu items.

Best Bit

The Fattoush Salad, and the dessert.

Worst Bit

The lack of pine nuts in the Fettah, and the excess of yoghurt.

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