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Ted’s: City Stars Mall’s Most Impressive New Restaurant

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Aya El Garhy
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Ted’s: City Stars Mall’s Most Impressive New Restaurant

City Stars Mall’s Mosaique dining area has become a hub for high end gourmet restaurants. Only a month ago, TED’s opened its doors with a brand new concept that is sure to please all who visit.

Besides the extremely diverse menu, there’s also a Cheese Room that boasts a huge selection of local and imported cheeses and deli meat. It gets better; they’ve also got an incredible bakery with all the Parisian delicacies and pastries.

The venue is rather spacious with comfy quirky chairs and an overall cozy ambiance. After thoroughly going over the appetizing menu, we opted for the Mac n Cheese Balls (32LE) and The Burger (58LE) as starters. For the mains, we had the Spaghetti (54 LE) from the pasta section. The pizza section was divided into two; Rossa and Blanca. The friendly waiter explained that the Rossa (or red) had the traditional pizzas topped with tomato sauce and cheese from which we ordered the San Siro Pizza (52LE), while the Blanca (or white) contained no tomato sauce but different mixtures of cheese; from which we ordered the Fromaggi (55LE).

The waiter then brought in a basket of freshly baked olive infused focaccia bread which was complemented perfectly with a dip of oregano flavored ricotta cheese. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese balls shortly followed in a small colorful pan as three fried balls of creamy macaroni and cheese topped generously with a thick marinara sauce that just blew us away. 

The burger wasn’t as plentiful we had hoped, but scrumptious, nonetheless, thanks to the fresh ingredients and the pickle chutney. We specifically requested it to be medium-rare; disappointingly it was overcooked. The accompanying crisp fries were well seasoned with mixed herbs and a discernible crunch, all while remaining not greasy.

Our mains flowed in promptly after we were done with the appetizers. The Spaghetti, again, was cleverly served in a small colored pan, and we were hooked after just the first bite, with al dente pasta, perfectly cooked chicken in just the right amount of cream sauce flavored with aromatic basil; all topped with parmesan and pine nuts.  

Both pizzas were made of thin Italian dough with a pleasing crunch. The San Siro was topped with an incredible tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, and thin slices of flavorsome smoked turkey. On the other hand, the white Fromaggi Pizza had all sorts of cheese; Mozzarella, pecorino, brie, parmesan, gorgonzola, cream and mascarpone. Needless to say, it truly enticed our taste buds with a beautiful amalgamation of flavor-bursting cheeses; but it was obviously on the heavy side.

For dessert, we opted for the Steamed Date Pudding (40LE), which came as a warm chocolate date cake infused with walnuts and topped with a heavenly salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

The overall experience was delightful, with great service, lively atmosphere, delectable dishes and authentic Italian pizzas. Having all the keys for success, Ted’s has proven to be a strong contender in Cairo’s dining scene.

360 Tip

They offer take away jars of delectable home made Jams and Pestos.

Best Bit

The brilliant Mac n Cheese Balls and heavenly Pizzas.

Worst Bit

The mall...obviously.

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