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The Best New Restaurants & Cafes of 2017

The Best New Restaurants & Cafes of 2017
written by
Ramy Soliman

It’s become Cairo lore – there’s nothing more in Egypt’s capital than new places to eat and drink. It’s a solid business endeavour; Egyptians sure do love to eat and when you throw in a nice setting and other trimmings, then you have a potential winner.

It doesn’t always work out, though; we’ve seen many a promising venue open to fanfare, only to close with a squib. But this year, there has been plenty to sink one’s teeth into in the way of new venues – but only the below look like they’ll be around for some time to come.

Buffalo Wings & Rings  (Radisson Blu)

Although there have been pretenders in the past, no venue has managed to tick all the boxes of a classic sports bar  – that is until Buffalo Wings & Rings opened its second branch at the Radisson Blu in Heliopolis. Taking up a big space, the places serves alcohol and some show-stopping wings, nacho and burgers. It’s going to a very popular venue once during the World Cup. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

Crimson Bar & Grill

When you have a beautiful view, terrific food, big flavours, a morning venue experience that completely changes in a much cooler one at night, a simple yet very elegant interior that shows the care in details, and even the choice of plates, all this makes Crimson probably our favourite venue of the year. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

Cheesecake Mania

There’s no lack of dessert specialize and bakeries in Cairo these days, but Cheescake Mania has definitely found a niche. Yes, we finally have a cheesecake specialist that makes a wide variety of baked cheesecake. Because ‘no bake’ is not a cheesecake. It’s the law. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.


La Taberna

The newly opened restaurant/pub at Al Guezira Plaza, La Taberna, is doing really well, despite being surrounded by plenty of competitors. It might be because it’s a great place for a breezy, relaxed lunch, ideal for an elegant dinner in the evening and turns into a lively bar in the evening. We’re guessing it’s their Spanish style beef skewers and cocktails. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

Lebanese Diner

It might not take on Lebanese food in a traditional way, but the simply named Lebanese Diner has come to be as much of a hang-out spot as it is a restaurant. Their food is Lebanese street food and there’s something of an up-market ahwa about it. Also, their sandwiches and spicy shrimp mac and cheese can’t get any better! Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

Lucca Steakhouse

Cairo – especially Sheikh Zayed – lacks good, quality steakhouses, but thankfully, Lucca didn’t disappoint us with their top-notch quality. Bridging the gap between fine-dining and welcoming, casual dining, this is the steakhouse Cairo has been yearning for. Order their Lucca Special now, thank us later. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.


Specialised in North European food, Malmo is definitely not your typical Tivoli Dome venue. It’s that cosy place that you want to have breakfast at everyday and has a unique European touch to it that has made it stand out.  Don’t forget to try their Belgian waffles! Read the Cairo 360 Review here.


Greek food is awfully under-represented in Egypt, but a handful of places have begun to emerge in recent times, the latest of which is Seecoz. The gyros specialist has given Greek street food its proper place. Their gyros are beautifully presented and the branding is on point. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.


You just can’t go to Arkan without taking a tour at Troufa. This chocolatier/bakery/cafe/gelateria offers a plenty, though the venue itself is probably our favourite thing about it; it’s beautifully designed to showcase the food at its displays perfectly. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

The White Owl

If ever there was a place that typifies the saying that simple is beautiful, it’s this Maadi restaurant. The White Owl’s menu is not the biggest, but they make their own fresh pasta in-house from scratch, and they offer different and unique pasta dishes while keeping things simple and classy. Read the Cairo 360 Review here.

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