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The BRGR Truck

The BRGR Truck: Keep on Truckin’

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Ramy Soliman
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The BRGR Truck: Keep on Truckin’

Mobile restaurants are the new trend in Egypt and the idea of ‘clean’ street food is still trying very hard to a relevant gimmick; and one of the first trucks to introduce this concept was The BRGR Truck. With no fixed location, The BRGR Truck has been everywhere from Hacienda Bay and El Gouna, to Downtown Mall and Gezira Sporting Club – you must’ve seen it somewhere, even in Dubai…oh wait that’s Salt truck.

Anyways, The BRGR Truck is a small silver truck that changes its location with. The wooden high chairs and high tables that they bring along is a little bit uncomfortable, plus the table had dust on it at the time of our visit Capital Business Park in Sheikh Zayed.

Keeping it simple, The BRGR Truck’s menu basically consists of two sandwiches, the Original Burger and the J Bomb, and two kinds of fries, Cheese Fries and BRGR Fries, so deciding what to eat won’t take time.

We ordered all four items on the menu, so let’s start with the Cheese Fries (15LE). Thin, crispy, and far from oily, the fries are topped with a fair amount of cheese and really good on their own and very similar to Mcdonald’s fries.  The cheese sauce, though, was a bit lumpy and didn’t have a strong cheese flavour or any kind of notable seasoning.

Unlike the cheese fries, the BRGR Fries (20LE) had more flavours. With pretty much the same ingredients except with the addition of their special sauce – which had a tangy thousand Island-like flavour – the it has that satisfying artificial flavour we all enjoy in fast food.

Moving to the burgers, we started with the Double patties Original Burger (45LE). Two beef patties covered with perfectly melted cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and their special sauce, the original burger was bursting with flavours. Even though the patty was thin, it was still juicy and well seasoned, and we loved the reserved use of sauce which complimented the beef flavours without overpowering it. As for the Double Patties J Bomb (50LE), it was the same as the original burger but with extra jalapeno which added a great spicy kick.

All in all, The BRGR Truck is definitely a great concept on the food scene in Egypt. The portions might seem small and the prices are a little bit steep, but it pays off in the quality of the ingredients. We just wished there was more variety on the menu.

360 Tip

Follow The BRGR Truck on Instagram to keep up with their newest locations.

Best Bit

It’s a cleaner alternative for junk food.

Worst Bit

Maybe it's a little too much to ask of a moving restaurant, but the set-up isn't particularly inviting to eat-in - it's all just a little uncomfortable.

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