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The BRGR Truck: The Gastro Nomads Modernise the Drive-Thru Experience

Burgers The BRGR Truck The Drive by the Waterway Waterway
The BRGR Truck: The Gastro Nomads Modernise the Drive-Thru Experience

The Drive by The Waterway is a new and improved version of a “food hub”. It’s a great place to hang out in a safe, secluded area but still get the cool street vibe. All the container restaurants have a unique hipster feel with graffiti, light signs, and an overall laid-back ambience. Each restaurant, more or less, has a drive-thru option, indoor and outdoor seating, and also a small designated parking space, in case you choose to order from the drive-thru then eat in your car.

The BRGR Truck is one of those cool joints that decided to get it on the fun and recently opened in The Drive. On our way there, we decided to try the drive-thru option and eat in the car to see the convenience of the whole process. As soon as we entered the start of the drive-thru, the menu was on the left with a speaker beneath it so we could order right away. You can choose to order through the speaker or head to the next window and order there while paying at the same time. From the receiving window, everyone we could see inside was wearing gloves, hairnets, and face-masks, which showed good hygiene precautions.

The menu had some new items, which probably meant that the truck menu is different from The Drive menu, as seen on their social media. Therefore, we decided to try the exclusive Buffalo Bites (60 LE) as an appetiser. The buffalo chicken bites were an excellent starter; the chicken was perfectly sized, the buffalo sauce had the right amount of heat, and the portion was good for its price.

Then we moved on to the burgers. Our order was one single American Beef Burger (75 LE) and one Chicken Burger (75 LE) – with lettuce, homemade pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo. Both of the sandwiches were very juicy, the protein was cooked on-point, and the condiments gave them the kick they needed. However, if we had one comment, it would be that the lettuce was a bit too wilted. Even if the burgers were hot, it wouldn’t wilt the lettuce that quickly. Other than that, impeccable taste and cleanliness.

Last but not least, this menu had ice-cream sundaes, and who can pass on that? One caramel sundae (35 LE) to share, it is! This ice-cream was the picture-perfect sundae for a hot summer day; the caramel was delicious, and the ice-cream wasn’t overly sweet. Plus, it was a great value-for-money summery dessert. Collectively, the visit was fun and convenient; the packaging was tailored for the perfect eating-the-car experience, and the food tasted great – which is all that you really need.

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360 Tip

They offer non-dairy milk for their coffee options.

Best Bit

The food and the whole drive-thru experience.

Worst Bit

The only restrooms available are small-sized outdoor container stalls.

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