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The Comprehensive Guide to Shopping & Eating Healthy in the Capital

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The Comprehensive Guide to Shopping & Eating Healthy in the Capital
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

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    Finding healthy food in Cairo sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you get to know the places that offer healthy food and ingredients, you’ll see that it’s actually quite a piece of cake, a healthy one though. So, if you’re looking to work on your diet and make sure your meals are more nutritious and healthy, these are the top restaurants and food stores in town for you to dine out, order in, or buy ingredients for your home-cooked meals.

    Be Good to You

    This is the perfect of example of healthy food that looks incredibly tasty, and actually is. They have ingenious dishes such as fish tacos, eggs benedict with pumpkin slices and kale pesto, or more basic items like chicken sandwiches. But they’ve really outdone themselves when it comes to desserts, finding the perfect balance between taste and nutrition.

    Sea Salt Bakery

    Perhaps Cairo’s newest entry into the field of healthy food, Sea Salt Bakery is genuinely a good place to eat. Focused more on all-plant based dishes, this place will make you want to go vegan. Presentation is brilliant, and the food is quite delicious, definitely a heavenly choice for vegans and healthy food lovers.


    Considered by many as just a juice bar, Lychee is actually much more than just drinks. Lychee offers a number of delicious treats that work for breakfast or as a light snack. You can go for salads, oatmeal, Greek yoghurt, or even sandwiches.

    Mumm & Yumamia

    Home-cooked meals on demand, Mumm & Yumamia are two of the most prominent food ordering apps when it comes to meals that feel like coming straight from your mother’s kitchen. You can select from a number of very nutritious meals according to your taste.

    Shopping Healthy

    When going about your shopping routine, there are a number of spots in Cairo that can help you can add a bit more nutrition to your home-cooked meals.

    You can hit Imtenan for a number of healthy options not found anywhere else, like their special drinks or honey jars. Something like Gourmet Egypt will do the same job, but will have more options when it comes to meats. Ma7ali in Maadi also has a number of unique offerings, like Asian teas or dips.

    Of course, we can’t forget staples such as Wadi Food or Dina Farms which have their own shops and also have products available in other supermarkets. And, for something a bit more crunchy, you can hit Abu Auf for their premium selection of nuts and dried fruits.